Photo Update!

-Sister Tagge and I found a cool looking wall in downtown on exchange! -I turned 21 -Fayetteville Zone. The day after elections -Sisters Tagge, Smith, Paynter, Porter, Steenhoek, me, Huang and Hathaway! -Fall. Sister Huang and I -Sister Huang got her wisdom teeth out! 2 weeks ago! Advertisements

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Salt and Peppa

Sister Huang and I were salt and pepper for Halloween. Female rappers and the stuff you put on food. That idea last year was too good last year, that we decided to recycle it! This week was so great. We served down in Lumberton all weekend again and it was a blast! Shoulder rubs are […]

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Who are you?

Tune of the week: My Sweet Lord by George Harrison. Listen to it! Joke of the week: How often did our investigators drop us this week? Answer: Like the leaves! When an investigator texted us. “Please leave me alone. I am not interested.” Sister Huang quickly replied with the usual response we had been giving […]

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Hurricane Matthew & Transfers

I am alive everyone! That is the craziest storm I have ever been through but we were safe. We ended up staying at our safe house for 24 hours from noon Saturday until noon Sunday. Brother and Sister Dance are the coolest and it was fun being with them during the storm. Church was cancelled. […]

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Conference & Pneumonia

Conference was amazing! My companion got Pneumonia! Saturday we went to the Dr’s right before the first session and they broke the news to us! But Sister Sasseen is a champ. She put her face mask on and was a trooper through the day. All sessions we watched at different member’s homes. Some of which […]

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