Recognize & Receive

Sorry for missing a week y’all! Thank you for the birthday wishes! I am so blessed to have an awesome group of family, friends and supporters! Thank you!

Some great stuff happened this last week!
Remember Hailey Werre who Sister Sasseen and I found and taught in Jacksonville? Well the day after I got transferred she moved back to California. Then two days after she got back to California she started meeting with the sister missionaries there and she was BAPTIZED last Saturday, November 19th! Woot woot! The gospel is true across the country too 😉
I went on an exchange in HOLLY SPRINGS about a week ago with Sister Pitt while Sister Huang went to a baptism in her old area. Hard to explain how that panned out, but it worked! I got to see the Thompson family who I love and adore and they are still on track for getting sealed in the temple summer of 2017! I went into the exchange expecting a miracle. I had spiritually prepared for the exchange the day before and asked Heavenly Father to allow me to be an instrument again in Holly Springs for one night. As we were leaving dinner with the Thompson’s I had an impression to go see a potential investigator named Debbie. Debbie is interesting. She is a single mom and we tracted into her in March. The first time we met her, although she was hesitant, she accepted a Book of Mormon and said she ‘might’ try reading it. We followed up with her and she hadn’t read, but something kept pulling us back to her home and so we went back a total of 3 times to follow up with her! Each time she hadn’t read and would never let us in. She must have thought we were a little strange and would act apprehensive in the beginning of each contact, but would always soften her heart toward us at the end of our doorstep conversations. But the last time I had seen Debbie in June I had seen her potential and Heavenly Father allowed me to picture her in all white. I can’t quite explain the feeling that accompanied that picture.. But said resisted again, and I got transferred. After so much rejection you would think I would stop. going. back! It would make complete sense to not go back.. She wouldn’t let us in. She never tried to read the Book of Mormon. I did not want to go back to see her! Haha. BUT the spirit was undeniable and so Sister Pitt and I went. “Fear God, not man”. I prayed earnestly before getting out of the car that the windows of heaven would open and that we would have the spirit and the words to say. We knocked on her door. She answered. She was surprised to see me! We explained that it isn’t often that you get to go back to an old area and that I was only there for a night. After a little doorstep conversation like, “How’ve you been?” and “Have you tried reading the Book of Mormon?” She had said she hadn’t even tried, again. I had started to say that I had felt very prompted to come see her and that missionaries didn’t often follow up with people so frequently and persistently. As I was telling her these things the spirit filled my heart and guided my words so powerfully that I can hardly remember what I said to her. I know that it started with, “I testifiy to you in the name of Jesus Christ….” and was followed by some significant promises that she would receive if she would accept the message of the gospel. It was all confirmed by the spirit. Debbie was a little stunned. She was quite for a moment but then didn’t accept the invitation and said thanks for stopping by and that it was good to see me. Sister Pitt and I got in the car and started driving away and Sister Pitt was just saying how strong the spirit was and how powerfully she felt it too. And that she KNEW that Debbie had to have felt it. I felt like Nephi, wanting to water my pillow with tears because of His brethren. But I also knew then, at that moment, that I had done everything in my power to give her the opportunity. Although I felt a bit depressed, I didn’t feel defeated because I knew that Heavenly Father was proud of me.
This was a huge testimony builder to me. I KNOW how much Heavenly Father cares about each person on this earth. SO much that he would send sister missionaries to Debbie’s door for the 5 or 6th time. Out of all the people in Holly Springs, he wanted to use us as his instruments to again go to her home. Heavenly Father never stops reaching out. He never stops sending miracles. If you don’t feel as if He is there, or if He has stopped reaching out. Stop seeking and start receiving. I believe He is in our lives every day. Receive the evidence that He is real. Every good thing comes from God. He is real. He does live. The Savior has felt the joy and pains of your heart. He knows you by name. He will come to you. I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ.
I love you. Recognize and receive God into your life this week.
MUAH oxoxoxxoxo.
OH! And I am staying in Hope Mills with Sister Huang this transfer! We will be singing a song in english and chinese for the christmas zone conference!

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