“Jump. Jump off the Cliff.”

This week was HORRIBLE! ….. Haha just kidding. It was the opposite of that. I just realized that I always start off with how great the week was, but decided to change it up. It’s just hard because every week as a missionary has some type of miracle!

We met this cool man named ‘Q’ store contacting. He is a middle-aged man from Trinidad. He is an entrepreneur and talked with us for a while about his relationship with God and about his vision board. He had on his vision board for a while to meet President Obama. The day we met him, Friday, he shook President Obama’s hand! He sort of testified to us that we can do anything. He was a great motivator! He told us he liked our ‘approach’ and that he hadn’t seen it before. (Contacting in a store #Walmart) He asked us what our ‘pitch’ was and Sister Huang stated our purpose. He said he liked that it was short and simple. I asked what his ‘pitch’ was for why he was motivated and driven. He said, “Jump. Jump off the cliff. If you jump, then you will gain wings on your way down by those who will help you. Then you will fly and become successful. But you have to jump.” He told us where his business was located and told us to come see him again. He wasn’t particularly interested in the gospel, but I just loved meeting him. I love meeting and getting to know strangers. The more I get to know them, the more I want to share gospel truths with them, because I know it is true and that it will increase the happiness is anyone’s life.

This was the last long weekend of Lumberton service. HOLY SMOKES we are sore and tired, haha. This time we ‘mucked out’ a fire station, homes and cut down trees that had fallen over. Since we can’t use the chain saw we just transported the pieces of tree from place to place. The weather was SO beautiful and I have loved physically serving. The owner of one of the homes was an elderly lady whose husband had recently passed. She had her 12-year-old granddaughter named Emily with her. After talking with her granddaughter for a while on a break she told me that her mom and younger brother had left during the hurricane because it had flooded the home so bad and asked Emily if she wanted to go with them. Emily decided to stay so that she could keep her grandmother company and help her with the house. (Her grandmother had pretty much raised her as her mom was in and out of her life I think) So her mom just left them. This broke my heart and Emily is the cutest girl. We aren’t supposed to use this service as a proselyting tool, but I got Emily’s and her grandmother’s number so that we could check in on them and also when I get off my mission I can call Emily and make sure she is doing well.
We went to a the Daniel’s home (members) 2 weeks ago and her mother-in-law, Sister Smith, was visiting for a few weeks from Albuquerque New Mexico. At dinner we started talking about the gospel and found out that although Sister Smith was baptist, she went to the LDS church with the Daniel’s the first week she was here and felt a great spirit there. We shared a missionary message and asked if we could teach her more about the gospel until she left. She said that she would love that, and so for the last few weeks we have been teaching her. This last Friday we had a lesson teaching her about the Plan of Salvation. We shared the scriptures in 1 Peter 3 about the spirit world, and she was in amazement. She kept asking Sister Daniel’s, who joined the church three years ago in Germany, if she had known about the scripture. By the end of the lesson she said she knew it was all true, but that she had to go back to NM to face her baptist family and church who aren’t supportive of the LDS church and had given the Daniel’s a hard time for joining. Because of this situation she does not want missionaries going to her home in NM. We will be keeping in touch with her through Facebook and she said that if she had to she would fly out here and have Brother Daniel’s baptize her. BUT WOW. It was amazing to see the spirit touch her heart and to know how prepared she was.
Here is my long winded email… I love you! Have a great week!
-Sister Smith and her daughter!

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