Helping Hands, Hope Mills, and SISTER HUANG

Correction: My companion is from Taipei Taiwan and her name is Sister Huang. I spelled it Wong last email. Silly me.
This week was great here in what I nicknamed as ‘Hope Milly’. A rap will be coming soon to the tune to that one song by Lil Wayne  that goes “a milly’ a hundred times during the chorus.
We have been doing some major service for the community here by helping people move out all the stuff from people’s house, taking out carpet and dry wall, and going through damaged possessions of those who were affected. Next week church for the entire stake has been cancelled so that everyone can go serve. Our ward has been assigned to go to Lumberton on Sunday, where the flooding was the worst and houses are still fully and partially under water.
A beautiful moment happened while serving this weekend. A man in the Hope Mills 2nd ward went and sought out flood victims and found Christina, whose parents house has been flooded in the basement. Christina and her family had just found out that her father, Mr. Packer, had lung cancer right before the hurricane. So they needed immediate help moving everything out and tearing out the carpet and all that jazz because Mr. Packer would not be able to live in that house if there was mold because he is on oxygen. We showed up on Saturday with a group of 10-15 church members and in about 3 hours got most of everything done. Before we kept we asked if we could say a prayer with them and we gathered in a circle outside of their home and all held hands and prayed. I was holding Mr. Packer’s hand and he was just shaking and sobbing. All the of household was in tears and just shared their love and appreciation for us. It was a tender moment. Service is the key to some many people’s hearts.
I feel so blessed to be here in this area where I can really help and give a hand to those who have been dramatically affected by Hurricane Matthew. Some losing all of their possessions and homes. I am tired and sore, but I love it and will continue to work til I drop!
ps remember that rope swing from last email? I would have been covered by water during the hurricane!
Photos from service.
I love y’all!

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