Hurricane Matthew & Transfers

I am alive everyone! That is the craziest storm I have ever been through but we were safe. We ended up staying at our safe house for 24 hours from noon Saturday until noon Sunday. Brother and Sister Dance are the coolest and it was fun being with them during the storm. Church was cancelled. There was just a ton of rain and strong winds, but thankfully there isn’t too much flooding here. I am getting transferred to Hope Mills tomorrow in Fayetteville to be a Sister Training Leader again and my companion will be Sister Wong! (Not sure if that is the correct spelling yet.) Sister Wong is from China and I have met her a few times and am excited to get to know her better and work with her! From what I have heard so far Fayetteville is pretty much underwater and they got hit hard from flooding! So I am sure we will be doing a lot of service and hopefully the Sister weren’t affected too badly.

This week was crazy! Sister Sasseen finally recovered from pneumonia and we were able to go out and work on Thursday and then the storm hit! We had Zone Conference with President and Sister James at the Catlet Farm and it was wonderful!
Hailey, our investigator, is moving back to California on Wednesday and is excited to continue taking the lessons and get baptzied soon and can’t wait to get her family involved. I know I was sent here to meet her, and since she is leaving I guess my time is up too! Jacksonville is a wonderful place and I have loved serving here!
I love being here in North Carolina and am blessed every single day! Thank you for the prayers and continue to pray for those who were affected by the hurricane much worse than we were!
-A fun rope swing at Zone Conference!
-A picture I caught of President James that I love! (Sister James is walking toward him) 

-Pie face at missionary coordination
-Hailey and I!

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