Conference & Pneumonia

Conference was amazing! My companion got Pneumonia!
Saturday we went to the Dr’s right before the first session and they broke the news to us! But Sister Sasseen is a champ. She put her face mask on and was a trooper through the day. All sessions we watched at different member’s homes. Some of which have not been to church in a while. Sunday she stayed at our Ward Mission Leader’s home with him and his wife and I was with Hailey and different members as my companions all day. Hailey wanted to watch all the sessions of conference so she tagged along with us to every member’s home that we went! It was a lot of fun! We were talking to her this week and she told us that her mom is having some health problems and that she will be moving back to her home in California on October 12th and asked if she could get baptized before she left. Because of the timing, and lessons and things she won’t be able to, but whoever the missionaries are in California will be getting an elect investigator ready for baptism! She told us that she has been talking to her mom and her mom and best friend named Jessie said they would go to church with her when she got home. After the morning session on Sunday we hung out at a member’s house and were just talking. Hailey hasn’t really believed in God most of her life, and so I asked her when that had changed. She said, “It actually just recently changed when you guys came over and taught me that lesson. I just knew there was a God from the way that I felt.” She is so special and as we have gotten to know her I see that Heavenly Father set up specific trials in her life, to open up her heart and to physically get her here to North Carolina for us to meet her. Transfers are on October 11th and both Sister Sasseen and I feel like something will be changing, but if something didn’t I would love that too!
We met this cute 15-year-old that just moved to North Carolina from Jamaica a few weeks ago because she is in a military family. Her name is Janelle. One of our appointments fell through and we saw her sitting at a table in the middle of this field. We walked over to her and asked if we could sit with her. She said yes and for the first little while we introduced ourselves as missionaries and just asked her questions about herself. After a while she opened up, and said that her mother was christian and she was raised christian but she was 50/50 on whether God was real. She said, “If God is real and he created us, then who created him?” She had many deep questions and I loved them all. We committed her to pray to God every night in the name of Jesus Christ and meditate afterwards, and promised her that eventually, in time, she would know that he is real. I testified that I had done this and knew he was real by the way I felt and that God works through feelings. We ran into her a few days later and went and talked on that table again. At first she said that she wasn’t sure still, but after some time talking she said that she knew there had to be a God. Her mother works late hours, but we will hopefully get to meet her soon! She thanked us for talking with her and said that it was nice because she has made friends, but hasn’t been able to talk about spiritual things with them.
I love and sustain the President Thomas S. Monson and the 12 Apostles. I love our Savior and our Heavenly Father. He will NEVER abandon me or you. He is listening. He is watching. He WILL hear you if you pour out your soul in prayer to Him. I testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for His merciful plan, and the chance to repent daily.
Please know of my love for you!
Sister Hanseen
Hailey and I!

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