A week of breakups

I have never been broken up with so many times in one week.. Haha. Remember that amazing woman Natalie we taught last week? She broke up with us. She texted us and thanked us and said that she would stick with her belief’s but that she would continue to read the Book of Mormon! So hey! THAT was good. Hopefully she will read it and find out it is true or something 🙂

We were also teaching a lot of other great people including Jason who isn’t practicing the baptist religion he grew up in and had a near death experience a few years ago and now has an artificial heart. He was so golden, but texted us and said that he needed to involve his family more with his religious investigations and after talking to his wife about it she was not ready at this moment.  He texted us the sweetest thing though and said, “Both of you truly do have a great heart and love for our God. I’m so glad you knocked on my door that day.”
Well folks, it looks like it wasn’t their time, but it looks like it is time for us to continue to find more people to teach here in Jacksonville!
We went on exchanges this week and I was with my MTC companion Sister Hunt in Wilmington! It was fun to get re-connected and learn from one another. We went to an appointment scheduled, but got stood up. I felt an impression that we needed to go knock on the door above the appointment so we did and we met a 22-year-old named Shamilla. She wasn’t wearing much clothing and wasn’t very responsive to our ‘get to know you’ questions at first, but we preserved through her hesitations and after a couple of minutes testified that the message we share really is a message of happiness. She paused then said, “I could use some of that.” We asked if we could come in and she paused then said okay. We taught her the Restoration and then asked if we could kneel and pray. She said yes. Then we asked if she would offer the prayer and ask God if what we had taught was true. After a little hesitation (she hadn’t prayed for a long while) she did and it was the most simple, pure, wonderful prayer. In her prayer she said something along the lines of, “This must be a sign Heavenly Father.” And afterward told us that it was crazy that she was alone in her cousin’s apartment because her and her cousin are often together and that we knocked on her door. Her whole demeanor had changed by the end and she seemed happier. It was cool.
After that we were walking down the street and this woman was coming toward us. She was shorter and older. We said hello and introduced ourselves. We found out her name was Karen, she was from New York, and she was not interested in what we were doing. I kind of just laughed and said, “Thanks for your boldness! I like it!” She looked at me for a minute and then took my hand and laughed back. After a minute of just getting to know her, she said, “Ahhh! (pretty loudly) I knew you were gonna get me as soon as I saw ya. Come meet my dogs.” We followed her back to her apartment and met her dogs and did some how to begin teaching points (PMG) and got a return appointment for a Friday. (This was Wednesday)
The rest of the week in J-Ville was good! We are excited to rely on the spirit and find those that are prepared for this Gospel this week!
A thought for this week: Remember our Heavenly Father loves you. Trust in Him and in the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to heal and redeem you.
Alma 15:8 And Alma said: If thou believest in the redemption of Christ thou canst be healed.
I LOVE YOU! Have a great week! And never forget the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for you! As well as little ol’ me!
-Tracted in a trailer park and met Diana and Bob. Diana gave us 2 buttons for guessing how many birds were on her thing that is in the back of the pic. Bob showed us some really impressive card tricks.
-Picture that Kevan (from last email) gave me. Twin towers featuring North Carolina’s copper head.

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