IMAGINE by John Lennon

SO much happened this week, but I’ll just fill y’all in on my most favorite memories.

One of my favorite things about being on a mission. Getting to know people and hearing their stories. We were out contacting one night and we come across an older sk8r dude with a sweet fisherman hat and a white beard. He was listening to his radio outside and as soon as we walked up said, “Oh! company!” We talked to him for a while about his life and how he had been in the military and loved to skateboard. The song Imagine by John Lennon was playing in the back and I just thought to myself, “Oh how I love this.” We didn’t convert him because he was a little different, but I love just being able to talk to anyone about Christ and about their lives. OH and he also is an artist and photo shopped a giant copperhead (snake) in front of the twin towers and gave me a copy of it in memory of 911 with a North Carolina spin.
We found a woman named Natalie the week before last and were only able to talk to her on her doorstep for ten minutes max. She told us of how she was in the military and had just gone through a divorce. We testified of the Atonement and set up another time to meet. We met at the church last Thursday and taught the Restoration with a Brother Merrill our Ward Mission Leader and the spirit was SO strong. When saying the first vision to her she teared up and I could tell she felt what I did. At the end of the lesson Bro Merrill was talking and I mouth to Sister Sasseen who was sitting across from me ‘baptism’ because in our training she was supposed to invite people to baptism. She then asked Natalie if she would be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God and Natalie said yes. She then procceeded to say, ‘We have a baptismal service we are holding on September 24th. If you get an answer will you be baptized that day?’ I started smiling in awe because that was a little over 2 weeks away. I saw Brother Merrill’s eyes light up as well. But Natalie said yes I will. And pulled out her Iphone and put it in her calendar! We knelt and prayed and asked Natalie she would say it and ask specifically about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and she did and got pretty emotional in her prayer. It was all directed through the spirit and so neat to be apart of. She is in the military and might not be able to baptized that day due to her schedule and not being able to meet, but Sister Sasseen followed the spirit and I am so proud of her!
Iverson family came to church again and liked it, but informed us they are moving in November to UTAH! We will be hoping to get Bro Iverson off of nicotine before they move and get him baptized! Keep him in your prayers! He wants to, but doesn’t know if he can ween himself off before moving.
I have felt the Atonement this week, as Heavenly Father has helped me to see where and how I can improve and given me ways to do so. It is a real power. Christ is real and is our Savior and He lives. Because He is real, if we exercise our faith in him we can always be made whole. I testify of that in the name of Jesus Christ.
I love you! Have an amazing week and remember that Christ is by your side in all things.
We went to Topsail beach and Surf City today with Grandma Parker and our investigator Joyce. It was fun!

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