This week we tracted A LOT in hopes to find some prepared people! Saturday night we forgot to start our fast after dinner so we decided to fast all day Sunday from food and from water for the first two meals.. Needed to be safe while working! We didn’t have many set appointments Sunday so we decided that the times we didn’t have planned appointments, which was about 7 hours after church, that we would go out and tract and contact. We had a ton of success and felt the presence of the spirit super strong. Two great experiences were both while teaching the Restoration on the porch to two different men. The first being Denzel. Denzel is a 25-year-old ex-military guy. After teaching the majority of the Restoration we came to the first vision. After the first vision he just said, “wow.” We then testified of the truthfulness of that experience and asked what he would do if he was Joseph Smith. He said, “Well I guess I would try to get that fullness back and build a church.” Perfect answer because we responded with, “That’s what he did!” We introduced the Book of Mormon and before I could pull it out of my bag he said, “I need to read that.” We scheduled a return with him in a week. The second guy’s name was Terry. He is in the military and when we knocked on his door he invited us in, but we awkwardly told him we couldn’t. After the awkwardness passed we taught him the Restoration on his porch. After we were done with the majority we introduced the Book of Mormon and told him that by reading and praying about it he could find out that everything we had just taught him was true. He paused for a minute and looked at us kind of puzzled and said, “I know what you said is true already.” We responded with, “Okay. What are you going to do with this information?” He said, “I’m going to go inside and tell them (his dad and brother) and anyone else I come in contact with.” We didn’t have a Book of Mormon with us and he had some training’s coming up so we could set a return but we exchanged numbers and he said when he got back he’d call us. We saw a lot of other miracles, but those will do for today 🙂

I have a strong testimony of fasting. And not only fasting and going without food or water, but fasting with a specific purpose. Christ taught in Matthew 17:21 that some things can only be solved through fasting and prayer.
Oh! Another cool thing.. One of our investigator’s Toni called us this last week and said that she was going to quit smoking and that she wanted to be baptized!
And the Iverson family came to church and they loved it!
I love you and hope you have a grand week!
Photo: Happy and exhausted after our long fast. Woot woot. We also realized that we didn’t take any pictures all week and that we should take one to send to y’al! Hope you enjoy it, haha.


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