A week of breakups

I have never been broken up with so many times in one week.. Haha. Remember that amazing woman Natalie we taught last week? She broke up with us. She texted us and thanked us and said that she would stick with her belief’s but that she would continue to read the Book of Mormon! So […]

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IMAGINE by John Lennon

SO much happened this week, but I’ll just fill y’all in on my most favorite memories. One of my favorite things about being on a mission. Getting to know people and hearing their stories. We were out contacting one night and we come across an older sk8r dude with a sweet fisherman hat and a […]

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This week we tracted A LOT in hopes to find some prepared people! Saturday night we forgot to start our fast after dinner so we decided to fast all day Sunday from food and from water for the first two meals.. Needed to be safe while working! We didn’t have many set appointments Sunday so […]