Remote Control Car Contact


*Loud Thunder*
2 year old daughter named Alexia, “What was that?”
Her mom, “God bowling, dear.”
“Read the Bible! It’ll scare the Hell out of you!”
This week we had a remote control car contact. These two guys were playing with this really awesome advanced remote control car. One of the guys was shirtless and tatted, the other had long hair and glasses. Of course it looked like fun and I really wanted to try it so I asked if I could and they said yes! After about 10 minutes of playing with their remote control car and talking with we found out that they both were turned off the religion because of experiences when they were younger, but that they would want to learn more about ours! Yee-Haw.
On a more spiritual note.. We have been teaching a friend named Barbara who let us in a few weeks ago and this week we started the lessons over to teach her 28-year-old daughter named Brenda. After we had taught the Restoration and were committing her to pray she asked us, “Well when were you converted?” Sister Merrill, the member we were with, and Sister Sasseen shared their beautiful testimonies and I was last. It took me a minute to know how to share but I ended up explaining that my conversion didn’t come all at once. and related it to choppy water and eventually smooth sailing. Growing up it was like choppy water. I would have great spiritual experiences and then for a time not receive any- like most people. In between those spiritual experiences I didn’t always apply what I learned from what I had felt and was left with questions and concerns but was pretty much always physically at church, but as for spiritually it felt more like choppy water. Once I committed myself to the Lord and His work by coming on a mission, my conversion has been more like smooth sailing – gradually and consistently getting me closer to the end destination. Of course, questions arise and I have to find the answers through prayer and scripture study, but as soon as I committed myself I have been able to that Heavenly Father is pushing me and helping me progress and deepen my conversion. After I explained this in a more simplified form to her, I testified and told her that my heart was full to the brim and that there was no better feeling than the spirit and no other thing I would rather be doing. She responded by saying, “I know. I can see it in your eyes.” We invited them to be baptized and they both said that they weren’t ready yet, but in the future they would!
Cool scripture of the week that I LOVED: Revelations 3:20, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”
I have seen that picture of Christ knocking at the door so many times, but this scripture really resonated with me. It helped me to ponder about our relationship with Christ. HE is the one knocking and wanting us to come back to Him. In this verse if any man HEARS his voice He will open the door and go to him. How amazing is that? To succor means to run to the rescue, and I know that Christ does that for us. Even if we just silently call out to Him in our hearts He hears us and will run to our rescue and try to help us in any way get back to Him. We are lucky to have someone so perfect, and merciful.
I love you! I love this Gospel. Have a blessed week!
Sister Hanseen
Finally ‘Crushed it’

Biking our Booties off
This made me laugh.

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