So this week was great! Lots of cool things happened and the spirit is amazing. Sister Sasseen and I are doing good and are excited to get out and work in the sun this week! Prayers welcome đŸ™‚

omething that I learned this week is that your faith in the Atonement is what will defeat Satan entering and taking over your life. If you have faith that through the Atonement you can be made whole, then when you are tempted to think things like, “I can never change.” or “I’m already too far gone.” You can quickly dismiss them because your faith in Jesus Christ will prevail.
Oh! And isn’t Heavenly Father the best because he gave us the ability to laugh!? It’s a healing tool within our own bodies!
Oh! And it’s also, “It’s easier to grow when you’re happy” – Sister Jarman
Love you! Have a great week!
-Church sign of the week.
-There was gold in the sky this week
-We made walnut jewelry with an investigator this morning. Will send pics when completed.

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