Dogs & Cigarettes

Last night, if you were to smell me. That is what I smelled like. Everyone here either has a dog, or a cigarette addiction, or both. Even though I have been attacked by two dogs, I still love them and I always let Sister Sasseen go first when approaching doors that have ‘beware of dog signs’. I do not however love cigarettes, but we still love the people! 
I also love that I always feel like I am in the mountains on these beautiful summer nights because there are trees everywhere and we often smell the ‘camp fire smoke’ smell because people burn stuff. So that’s cool! I really do love it, and that is why I am posing that way in the picture attached, haha.

A positive experience this week was seeing specific prayers get answered. We were going to be out tracting for an hour or so and Sister Sasseen said a prayer before we started and asked Heavenly Father to lead us to the person that He had been specifically preparing for us. The third house we knocked on she opened the door, said ‘Give me one minute!’ then came back a minute later and immediately invited us in. After getting to know her for a little while we found out that her mother had passed away two years ago and was JUST getting out of the ‘funk’ and that her brother was a member of the church and she is very close to him and his family. She had amazing questions, wanted to get involved in family history work, and has been prepared!

Later that day, we were going to be knocking doors for an hour or so in between appointments and Sister Sasseen again said the prayer but this time asked for courage to testify. The first guy’s house we knocked on was almost mocking us and asking us questions about Angel Moroni and other random things, but we were able to stand there and testify to him of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and that our faith lies on whether or not it is true and we invited him to find out for himself and read it. His whole demeanor had changed and he actually offered us bottled water and introduced us to his wife by the end of the door contact . The whole time the Holy Ghost was there comforting Sister Sasseen and I. I have a testimony that no one can deny a heartfelt testimony and that Heavenly Father does answer specific prayers, if we pray in faith.

I finished the Book of Mormon this morning and was just teary-eyed the whole time. When praying to confirm my testimony of the truthfulness of this book, I couldn’t even bring myself to say, “Is this book true?” I had to instead say, “I believe and have loved this Book… It has to be true. But
 please reconfirm my testimony with the feelings of the Holy Ghost.” Nothing had really changed in my spirit because I had already been feeling the Holy Ghost throughout my study, but typing this to you now I feel it in my bosom and I will never deny the power of the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of it. I had to say a prayer of gratitude for the prophets of the Book of Mormon for taking time to inscribe the beautiful words that have touched my heart and so many others!
Sure do love y’all! Have an amazing week!
Sister Hanseen
-Just happy to be here around trees!
-Haley is on the left! She is getting baptized August 27th, and Alyssa is on the right! She was baptized in May of this year!

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