Just the instrument – Glory to God

Some cool experiences this week was seeing God use us as His instruments. We do a scripture of the day and send it out to every our Investigator’s and less actives that we are working with. One of the Scriptures of the day last week was John 8:12 which says, “.., I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,but shall have the light of life.” That night we had sent that scripture out we biked up the road from our house a few miles to see our investigator Robert. He thanked us for the scripture and said it was the answer to his prayers and something that he has been thinking about for along while now. He thanked us specifically for being an instrument and allowing God to use us to answer his prayers. He gave glory to God and I loved it. I love when others see past the actual people and directly to God who gave the miracle or answer. All praise does and should go to our Heavenly Father.
Afterward we were biking home (on a two lane road surrounded by tall trees on one of the most beautiful summer nights) and I asked Sister Sasseen to lead when biking home and to be aware of the spirit to know if/where we should stop and knock on a few houses. Toward the beginning of our bike ride home she started to slow down and kind of look back and me and said, “How do you feel? What do you think?” I told her that I didn’t have any specific feelings but that I felt good about stopping then. She said she did as well. We parked our bikes and knocked on three doors, 2 of which became new investigators and the other, a new friend that was set in his beliefs but said we could park our bikes at his home any time. One of these investigators was named Kim and we started talking to her and at first when we asked her what her relationship with God was she said that she didn’t really like talking about those things because she was a little bit shy. So we went on with the conversation and asked her what things she did like to talk about and do. After about 5 minutes of getting to know her Sister Sasseen testified of God’s awareness and love and the message that we share. She said that it was a message of hope and the spirit was very strong. She really started to open up. Since it was the end of the night and getting pretty dark we asked if we could share this message with her sometime and she said’ “I’m just cooking dinner so y’all could come in.”  I was so used to people using that as an excuse for us to not come in so I just said, “OH!.. uhh.. okay.” And she didn’t make any gesture to come in so I assumed that I had heard her wrong and said, “Well we can come next week!” And we got her number and set up a time. On the bike ride home I asked Sister Sasseen what she heard and she said that she had heard her invite us in too! Oh my goodness face palm. She totally invited us in. Haha. We’ll go back tomorrow though!
This week was awesome as usual and hard but in a good way, where it opened our eyes up to what is really going on in the world. Sometimes as a missionary I look through rose colored lenses because we are always trying to uplift and inspire and I forget that there is so much craziness in the world. It is the life to be living in this crazy place cause I just get to see the silver linings every day! We got to take a look into some of our investigators lives involving addictions and abuse and loss of loved ones and it just weighed heavy on my heart. This Gospel is my hope and I love sharing it with these people who are going through these trials to try to give them hope. 
Have a good week and a God Bless you! Love you!
Sister Hanseen

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