Loved this week

Cool things this week: -Haley got baptized! -Elder Wilson bought the District a ginormous pizza called ‘The Beast’ -We have been teaching a part member family named the Iverson’s that live on Camp LeJuene. Sister Iverson is a marine and less active and her husband is not a member and we started teaching them about […]

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Remote Control Car Contact

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: *Loud Thunder* 2 year old daughter named Alexia, “What was that?” Her mom, “God bowling, dear.” “Read the Bible! It’ll scare the Hell out of you!” This week we had a remote control car contact. These two guys were playing with this really awesome advanced remote control car. One of the […]

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So this week was great! Lots of cool things happened and the spirit is amazing. Sister Sasseen and I are doing good and are excited to get out and work in the sun this week! Prayers welcome šŸ™‚ omething that I learned this week is that your faith in the Atonement is what will defeat […]

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Dogs & Cigarettes

Last night, if you were to smell me. That is what I smelled like. Everyone here either has a dog, or aĀ cigaretteĀ addiction, or both. Even though I have been attacked by two dogs, I still love them and I always let Sister Sasseen go first when approaching doors that have ‘beware of dog signs’. I […]

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