I picked up my ‘baby’ on Tuesday! Her name is SISTER SASSEEN! Oh my goodness our Mission President and Heavenly Father have a sense of humor. This week was great and it was hard not to giggle when we were introducing ourselves to people because our names rhyme. We are pretty cute.

Sister Sasseen is from Layton, UT. She is a musician and she likes to party – with the spirit.
Trying to initiate her throughout the week with all of my favorite southern delicacies turned out to actually be a prompting from the spirit.
1st delicacy: Bojangles Boberry biscuit.
In between appointments we stopped by Bojangles to get a biscuit. It was pretty empty but there was a man who was in line that let us go first. We got our biscuits and passed him saying thank you, but I noticed the cross he was wearing. On our way back out the door he was still in the same spot waiting for the food he ordered and we stopped and complimented his cross and started to talk to him about his religion. We introduced ourselves as missionaries and he said, “I was wonderin’ why y’all looked so pure and lady-like.” He ended up telling us he had moved to Jacksonville a little while ago and was looking for a church to go to. We gave him our card and hopefully one day he’ll come!
2nd delicacy: Cook Out’s Watermelon Milkshake (With actual watermelon)
We didn’t have a dinner so we stopped by Cook Out. We went up to order and as we started ordering a guy comes up to the register from the kitchen and kind of just sits there smiling at us. When we said we were going to share a Cook Out tray since it is quite a lot of food he said, “What? Y’all are going to share. No. I’ll buy your food! What else do you want?” And we try to convince him that we don’t need any more food but he was persistent. Come to find out he is 29 and loves Jesus and even had some tattoos of Jesus on his arms. His brother passed away 5 years ago and is still having a hard time with it. Immediately I think about the Plan of Salvation. He is single and he lives in Wilmington which is about 45min-1 hour away where the single’s ward meets. We got his name and number and referred him to the Wilmington missionaries. He wanted to get involved with the YSA! Then an older guy comes up to us while we were eating and compliments us for our modesty and we were able to talk to him about the church too.
Other amazing things happened too! For Sister Sasseen’s first week she got to invite all our investigators to baptism! A few of them said they would need more time to pray about it, but two of them said yes and committed for dates in August! It was all good experience 🙂
Can I just be real with y’all for a quick minute? We were tracting yesterday in the humidity and sun and as I examined myself I realized that I was so happy! It was kind of a shock and realization to compare this summer to last summer, where I would want to find any excuse to get out of tracting in the sun and talking to strangers. What has changed? My appreciation for the Atonement and the increase of love I have toward these beautiful people. I labor for them. Whereas before, I didn’t have the same conviction that this Gospel does change people because I hadn’t witnessed it like I have witnessed it now. The Gospel is so good. The Gospel is also SO simple and that’s why I love it! “Thou shalt love the Lord they God with all thy heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unit it, Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:36-39 . If you really love the Lord with all you’ve got you’ll obey His commandments and treat and see other’s as Christ would.
Charity is a never ending pursuit of someone else’s happiness.
Love is a never ending supply of forgiveness
My invitation to you is to pray for charity every day. You will receive it and it will change you. “Pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that you may be filled with this love.”
I love you. Heavenly Father loves you more than I love you. Have the best week ever and make the best of what you have.
Sister Hanseen
Sister Sasseen and I
Sister Steenhoek and I
Our neighbor/pet/donkey and I
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church said it first hahahahaha
My best friends!

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