Jacksonville, North Carolina!

Surprise! I got emergency transferred last Tuesday after emails down to Jacksonville, NC. President called at 2pm and the assistants came and picked me up at 4pm. The assistants, me and another Elder road tripped down to Southport to drop off an Elder and pick up another and then we drove up the coast the Jacksonville. My new companion is Sister Smedley! She will be my companion until July 19th when she gets transferred out and I get a new companion. Wish my luck learning one of the biggest areas in the mission in two weeks 😉
I love it here in Jacksonville already. I have felt the spirit very prominently in the work! Once I got here I just felt so good, and like there will be great things happening here. I also felt that there truly are special people prepared here for me to teach! About a third of our area is the military base, Camp LeJune! We aren’t allowed to proselyte on it, but we can go on base and visit some less active and inactive members.
I had a really cool experiences this week during my personal study. I asked in my prayers if Heavenly Father could lead me in my study, because I didn’t know the people we were going to see. Both times he lead me to scriptures that were perfect for these people! And in one of the instances we were teaching a woman about the word of wisdom and while studying for it I came across DEUT 6:5. One of the footnotes for ‘heart’ is ‘commitment’. I told Sister Smedley I wanted to bring this up and tell her that if she loves Heavenly Father with all her heart than she will make this commitment to Him. Right before I was about to share the scripture she quoted part of it. It made the invitation that much more powerful!
We went to Wilmington on Wednesday for Zone Training, and then again road tripped to Wilmington on Saturday for a baptism! It’s just beautiful down here by the coast and I love it.
I love you and hope you have a great week! MUAH!
Sister Hanseen
Jacksonville District
(Elder McNeill, Elder Wilson, Elder Nadald, Sister Smedley, Me, Elder Harper, Sister Anderson, Sister Pitt)
Road Trip with Sister Smedley

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