Ahuna Ohana

HBD America round 2
Our 4th was pretty awesome! We went to an ice cream place called Sunny Skies for breakfast. It is the best ice cream in the world. I have always been a desert first kind of girl. Then we did some regular preparation day stuff, like laundry. Then we went to a cook out at Sister Bewley’s house with a bunch of older single woman, and they are just a hoot. Then we drove up to Raleigh to watch the Ahuna Ohana perform! For those of you who don’t speak Hawaiian or who haven’t seen Lilo & Stitch, that’s the Ahuna family. President James sister married Brother Ahuna from Hawaii and they brought their whole family out here, 5 children and 12 or so grandchildren to do Hawaiian shows all over our mission. It was awesome and fun and brought a lot of non members to LDS churches all over NC.
We went on exchanges with the Fuquay-Varina Sister this week and Sister Scribner and I were in Holly Springs!  We had 2 great lessons and extended baptismal dates to both investigators we met with. When extending a baptismal invitation to our investigator, Sister Jones, I felt the spirit SO strong! I know she did too because she said yes, even though the lesson before she was pretty apprehensive. Sister Scribner was able to follow up that question by setting a specific date with Sister Jones, for August 6th.

We spent the majority of our day on Saturday out tracting in the humidity and sun with high hopes of finding new investigators. We weren’t having the best of luck and at one point were talking to a man that was passively calling us and every other religious person crazy. But we continued on and at the end of the night around 8pm were able to meet a couple and teach them the restoration on the door and set a return appointment, where they committed to read the Book of Mormon! It reminded me of Romans 2:7, “..by patient continuance in well doing..” we were able to achieve what we, and Heavenly Father knew we could.

Being a missionary is great! I ran into a member from Garner at the show last night and she just told me that I was glowing. I have changed a lot in the last year, and I hope to change even more until the times up and then even after that too. The best way to change is by taking little steps in the right direction each day! 
Love y’all. 
Sister Hanseen!
-For the last district meeting of a missionary’s life, we do funerals.. This was Elder Lindley’s funeral a minute ago!
-Sister Steenhoek accidently pushed a mailbox off this week! Haha, had to leave our card and explanation.
-Rob Strader, husband of a recent convert named Heidy, trying ‘cold sweat’ a super hot ice cream that you have to sign a waver for at Sunny Skies

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