I picked up my ‘baby’ on Tuesday! Her name is SISTER SASSEEN! Oh my goodness our Mission President and Heavenly Father have a sense of humor. This week was great and it was hard not to giggle when we were introducing ourselves to people because our names rhyme. We are pretty cute. Sister Sasseen is […]

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Play Day

Today we went and played! So sorry I don’t have time to email today. But here are some pics Photos!: -Thompson’s came to visit. JoHanna has my heart. Cutest girl -Tractor riding with Grandpa and Grandma Parker -Elvis -Sea Salt Cafe with Grandma Parker -Beach Loving and epic fail

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Jacksonville, North Carolina!

Surprise! I got emergency transferred last Tuesday after emails down to Jacksonville, NC. President called at 2pm and the assistants came and picked me up at 4pm. The assistants, me and another Elder road tripped down to Southport to drop off an Elder and pick up another and then we drove up the coast the […]

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Ahuna Ohana

HBD America round 2 Our 4th was pretty awesome! We went to an ice cream place called Sunny Skies for breakfast. It is the best ice cream in the world. I have always been a desert first kind of girl. Then we did some regular preparation day stuff, like laundry. Then we went to a […]

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