Sister Thompson’s Baptism & ‘The greatest souls’

Before I update you on my life, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO THE GREATEST DAD IN THE WORLD! One of our cute 12-year-old friends in the ward gave a talk and she said, “Every person has 2 fathers. One in heaven and one on earth. Now if your father on earth is no longer here I want to let you know you have one in heaven.” Because I wasn’t able to spend this Father’s day with my wonderful dad, Peter Hanseen, I spent a lot of time reflecting on our Father in Heaven. My dad is so wonderful that he really has helped me to believe in a loving father in heaven and for that I am so grateful.

Sister Thompson was baptized and confirmed this weekend! That was definitely the highlight of our week here in Holly Springs! It was such a powerful, spiritual experience! Brother and Sister Thompson were in the font and Brother Thompson put his hand to the square and when he started to say her name his voice cracked and he had to pause because he was so filled with emotion. The spirit flooded the room. After that long pause he began again, and with a shaky voice, was able to baptize his wife. Afterward, Sister Steenhoek and I gave a talk together on the Holy Ghost and based it off of Hymn 143, ‘Let the Holy Spirit Guide’. Looking into their eyes while giving the talk will be one of the most precious moments collected on my mission. They both were tearing up, with their eyes gleaming and had their eyes locked ours as we were speaking. I can’t explain how special it felt. But it was a ‘Celestial moment’. A moment where everything felt so right, pure and good and was accompanied by the Holy Ghost that I assume it would be like the feelings in the Celestial kingdom.

Doctrine and Covenants 122: 7-9, “All these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for they good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all.. Therefore, hold on.” 
We have been truly blessed to be working with people who are going through some great difficulties in their lives. It has really been opening my mind, heart and spirit. I am/have been learning a lot about the purpose of trials and difficulties. They are to help us learn and progress and they are to help us receive the education of life we came to earth to get. Trials also push us closer to God, if we face them the right way and with the right mindset. One woman who we taught last night for the first time was telling us of the awful situation another’s agency had put her in and she said, ” I knew I couldn’t handle it. So I ran to God.” After years of inactivity, God received her with open arms. Just like He will receive anyone who will turn to Him. No matter their past, their sin, their weaknesses.
“What is progression? Overcoming difficulties. Those who have the most difficulties develop the greatest souls.” -B.H. Roberts
‘Those who have the most difficulties develop the greatest souls.’ I think this is so true! I have seen it since serving. Heavenly Father gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. I know we can overcome any difficulty we are going through with God’s help.
We are teaching a girl who has just become such a great friend. Her name is Lizzy and she has so many questions and curiosities and God literally lead her to us. We were coming to the end of a lesson this week and we were ‘exhorting’ her to pray with real intent and to find out if the Book of Mormon was true. We asked her what she would do if she came to know everything we have been teaching her is true. She paused then said she would try to act on it in some way. Then she said, “What would you do if you found out that it all wasn’t true?” After pondering a moment my heart broke at the thought of everything I loved and believed in, not being true. The gospel fills me heart and has healed my heart. Without it, I really would be heart broken. I will never forgot the type of sorrow I felt just thinking about that possibility. I am grateful I know that this gospel and that I know the true reality of God through it – that he is our father! I love this gospel and it has changed who I am. I would not be 1/2 the person I am without it!
Sister Thompson’s Baptism!! The Thompson family adopted us into their family, haha!img_2063img_2065img_2998

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