“Miracles happen once in a while, if you just believe”

Can anyone name that song? haha
Hola Aloha! -Hawaiian/Spanish missionaries.
Nikki Thompson is getting baptized this Saturday, June 18th at 6pm! Her husband has been less active for years, but has recently been reactivated and is going to baptize her! They just started coming back to church a month or two ago. When finding out Brother Thompson might have ALS by having different physical symptoms confirm it, He came back to church and talked to the Bishop about being sealed to his family forever. Even after years and years of inactivity, his testimony was still residing in him! Brother and Sister Thompson had met us at church and told bishop that they’d want us to teach them. Since May 19th we have been teaching them and the change in their hearts has been immeasurable. The spirit in their home has increased, the light in their eyes has increased, and the hope for a better world and future has increased! The gospel is so good! The first time we met with Nikki she felt that God was punishing her because she never went to church and hardly prayed. Now she has a testimony that God doesn’t cause trials, but allows them to enter into our life for eternal progression and experience. They were driving home from the beach yesterday and she was reading the gospel principles book about Joseph Smith when the thought came into her mind, “What if Joseph Smith wasn’t a Prophet and this is all just made up?” She clicked on her Book of Mormon app and opened up to a random scripture and read 2 NE 32:7. She said she laughed at God’s humor and said, “okay. okay.” To herself. She has had so many spiritual witnesses that this is true and all that she has shared has really increased my testimony of just what the gospel can do! She has mentioned that she feels like she is living in a new world and that it isn’t a coincidence that Sister Steenhoek and I are here at this time. We just love their family to death.
It’s so neat how connected you can become to someone else when empathizing with them during a trial. Sister Steenhoek and I have been brought to tears many times when thinking about/teaching this wonderful family. I can’t imagine how close Christ feels to us, having been through EVERY SINGLE THING we have gone through/go through.. Sitting there empathizing with us, crying with us, every single step of the way. How often do we feel like we’re alone, and neglect the savior’s merciful arms outstretched toward us? My answer to that question is far too many times. He is there. I beg you if you aren’t already, acknowledge him. He walks every step you do.
Cool experience about prayer this week: We are teaching a young, 12-year-old girl who was adopted from Guatemala named Alexandra! We had a baptismal date for her in July but she will be out of town most of the month so we had to move it. During the appointment we had talked about a new date, either August 20th or 13th. At the end of the appointment we asked her to pray to know what day she should be baptized on. Her prayers are the most simple and sweet. She thanked Heavenly Father for a lot of things and then did a long ‘uhhhhhhh’ and then said, “Also, I have a question.. What day should I be baptized on? The 13th or the 20th?” Then ended the prayer. Afterward she circled the 20th and said, “I think that is the best date. I just feel like it.” I loved that moment so much. I was just grinning like a wild woman.
We went and saw an investigator named Beverly this week and she had her two granddaughters visiting her! (She is the one who invited us to go to her Pentecostal holiness church with her) Beverly is very passionate and started talking about the
Law of Chastity to her 14-year-old granddaughter while we were there. We were trying to chime in when we felt it was appropriate, trying to make it less awkward. But by the end,her granddaughter was just covering her face with both hands, so embarrassed. Oh my goodness I just felt for her. It was so hard for me not to laugh. Bev brought up some good points and I think she was live that law after that 30 minute lecture we got to be apart of.
One other cool little story: We were walking home one night and this lady from her porch and  yelled across the street, “I love your skirt” we went and talked to her. Her name is Gayenelle. She is the sweetest old country gal you ever did see. Her favorite food are ‘tomata’s’ and ‘tomata sandwhiches’. She came to church Sunday and loved it.
Brenda from last week is doing well! We are still teaching her and she is loving the spirit.
Well I love you lots! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Hanseen

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