Hansteenhoek in Holly Springs Round 3

Transfer news came and Sister Steenhoek and I will be staying together in Holly Springs which we are really excited about! We are assuming this will be our last transfer together so we are going to give it our all and accomplish all that Heavenly Father wants us to accomplish together here in Holly Springs!
Long story of the week:

Last Sunday, we were trying to contact Atrayun, the soon-to-be-8-year-old who met us while playing in a neighborhood and told us he wanted to be baptized, but he and his family weren’t home. We decided to knock the doors nearby. We met a few people who were generally disinterested; one lady accepted a card and appreciated our offer for service. We moved on, and had better luck in a different neighborhood finding people to talk to. Anyways, a few days go by, and we get a call from a random number. “Brenda Davis” was on the other line, reminding us about when we met her on Sunday! “Don’t you remember me?” Sister Steenhoek: “Oh, of course we do!! Davvv- Brenda! Brenda Davis! How could we forget??” haha. She went on to tell us that she would love to learn more about the “good word” and could actually use some service! We came over the next day, and Brenda told us how when we stopped by on Sunday, she had just received some bad news. Her daughter who has suffered with a myriad of diseases, including Lupis most recently, was being kicked out of her apartment and had to be out by 11am the very next day. When we stopped by on Sunday she was busy talking to a friend inside and the conversation didn’t have the best light to it. But when she shut the door and went back to talking to her friend she said she felt different, that something changed and she felt more peace and couldn’t stop thinking about us. When we met up with her the next day she said, “When you came by the other day, you were angels. I was telling my friend about you and she said I’ll never see you angels again. But you left a card! So I called you! Proved her wrong..!” haha. We taught her and her daughter the Restoration, and they seemed to understand it well! Brenda especially loved James 1:5 and kept saying, “Why not?” to it all! Prophets on the earth? Why not! Restored gospel of Jesus Christ? Why not! I love that. She was telling us how many people ask why, but really- why not? Why wouldn’t our loving Father in Heaven want to give us these beautiful blessings? Well, to make an already long story a bit shorter, the only place Brenda’s daughter, Shan, could find that she could afford is a super old house that hasn’t been lived in for years. The roofs are falling in, and there are spider webs everywhere! But we and some ladies from the church are coming to deep clean it this weekend and help get Shan and her sweet kids back on their feet. We are super excited to help this great, humble family accept the gospel. Pray for them, please! 

Short story of the week:
I was blessed to be able to instruct on God’s love for district meeting this week. Our District Leader, Elder Petty, really likes the delegating part of his calling, haha. For part of the meeting I assigned every missionary in the district a missionary who was not their companion. I asked them all to individually pray to Heavenly Father and ask for all judgement to be taken away from them and to truly see the person they were assigned as Heavenly Father sees them – divinely and with eternal potential. After a few minutes of praying they went to the person they were assigned and testified in the name of Jesus Christ of God’s love for that person. It was amazing to watch. God’s love filled the room and you would’ve had to be a statue not to feel it. 
I know that Heavenly Father loves you. There is nothing you could do that would change that. His love is unconditional! I invite y’all to help others feel God’s love by always trying to have the spirit with you and testifying to them of this beautiful truth! 
I love you too! have a great week!
-Joan, my italian grandma
-exchanges with the zebulon trio!!

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