Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Who knows that song by Poison? Well we went to the Sunrise United Methodist church this past Sunday to see Lizzy (our investigator who we met at Mason Jar Tavern last week) sing in the praise band and the Pastor revolved his whole sermon on that song! It was kind of awesome. He had started his preaching and then said that he had a song on his mind all week, and then all of the sudden that song starts playing over the speakers! We listened to it for a while, and he related to the congregation that we needed to be thankful for our trials (thorns) and somehow put it all together with a scripture. I really enjoyed the service. Afterward we went to our church with Lizzy and her two friends. The difference in the spirit was measurably felt. I’m grateful for the insights from the Methodist preacher, but I could FEEL the difference in the messages shared from members of the congregation that were asked to speak.

The Holy Ghost is the greatest gift, that we get when we are baptized! I am so grateful for it’s influence in my life and I strive to have it be my constant companion at all times. I love in Preach My Gospel where it says, ” This gift is a foretaste of eternal joy and a promise of eternal life.” I love teaching about the Holy Ghost, because everyone feels it differently and it has just increased my testimony that Heavenly Father knows us on an individual level. He allows us to feel the Holy Ghost, in a way that we can connect with and learn from. Recently, I have been feeling it as a physical reaction. The last few weeks there have been very powerfully uplifting meetings and when I had a realization or prompting my heart started to race and my hands started to sweat. I know that the spirit can prompt us in different ways, I am excited to study it more! I invite y’all to try to recognize the spirit’s promptings in your every day life! The spirit speaks in different ways. Figure out how he speaks to you! It will be the greatest blessing to be able to identify the spirit’s promptings in your life. And when we recognize those promptings and act on them, Heavenly Father gives us more and directs our paths!
This week was really great! We biked around Holly Springs and did a lot of good! A cute little experience was when we were waiting outside Daishara’s house. ( A Young woman we are working with) This little 7 year old boy rides his bike over to us and starts talking with us. He asks what we do and I decided to just tell him exactly what we do and said, “We teach people about Christ and help them to get baptized. Have you been baptized?” He said “No. But I want to!” Haha it was so cute! His name is Atrayu and we’ll try to find out where he lives by tracting down that neighborhood 😉 [Sometimes I feel like a stalker…. Haha but at least it’s for a good reason]
It’s coming on the end of the transfer and Sister Steenhoek and I love each other! Haha. I would love to stay, but I’ll let you know next Monday! Hope you have a great week!
– I about cried when we went to Sunny Skies, the best ice cream place ever, and there were FREE SPRINKLES. All my childhood dreams came true.
-Memorial day ice cream with the Sisters! Sister Grannis, Sister Steenhoek, Sister Scribner and Sister Kelly
-My MTC companion Sister Hunt 🙂

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