Birthday Miracles and ELDER & SISTER ZWICK

This week flew because we were so busy and got to spend time with Elder and Sister Zwick! It was also Sister Steenhoek’s birthday on the 19th and we definitely saw Heavenly Father’s hand in the work!

I learned so much from Elder and Sister Zwick this week! I will just share a few of the coolest things I learned! Elder Zwick was talking about the process of assigning missionaries to their missions. He talked to President Henry B. Eyring on his first experience with assigning a mission call. He went to the room where they assign calls and watched Elder Richard G. Scott do it for about an hour. Every time a face and name popped up, he would stare into the eyes of whoever he was assigning for a time. Then he would close his eyes. After a short time, he would open his eyes and assign the call. Sometimes he would skip someone and come back to them. After about an hour of observing this, Elder Scott said, “Okay. It’s your turn.” Terrified President Eyring said he couldn’t do it. Elder Scott sat up and motioned him to sit in the chair and sat down in a chair next to it. President Eyring sat. Elder Scott said, “I will be right at your side. You can do this.” He copied what Elder Scott had done and stared into the eyes of the missionary for a time. Then he shut his eyes. When he shut his eyes he pictured the young missionary on a street in Mexico. He opened his eyes. He thought that was amazing. He then knew that missionary needed to go to Mexico. He was familiar with that part of Mexico but didn’t know what mission. After a moment, he chose one of the missions and felt peaceful about it and moved on. After telling this story, Elder Zwick ensured us all that we were where we needed to be and that one of the 12 apostles looked into our eyes and assigned us to where we need to be. I loved that story!
Sister Zwick shared many thoughts on the Atonement. She shared about a small group of people that live off of an island in South America. They spoke a Mayan Dialect and when they greeted you, they would grab your hand with both of their hands, stare into your eyes and say one word that translated to ‘how is your heart?’ (This made me think of Gillian because this is what she asks me!) I thought that was so sweet and she went on to say that the Atonement needs to be written on our hearts. When someone asks us how our heart is, we can answer, ‘Complete because of our Savior Jesus Christ.’ I evaluated my own heart at this point and for the last few days have studied on how I can have the Atonement inscribed on my heart. The answer for me was that I need to use it all the time, way more frequently than I have been using it. I came across this beautiful quote that says, “..the moment you voluntarily choose honest, joyful. daily repentance by striving to simply do and be your very best, the Savior’s Atonement envelopes and follows you.” (Elder Jorg Klebingat) We should leap for the joy at the chance that we have to joyfully change and repent every single day through our loving Savior. “The Son of Man (who) hath descended below (all things).” (D&C 122:9) He knows your heart. He will heal your heart. He will help you change the desires of your haert to be the most pure, as you joyfully daily repent. By doing this the Atonement will not only be written on our hearts, but our hearts will align with His.
I took Sister Steenhoek out to lunch for her birthday and we went to this cute little joint called Mason Jar Tavern. We walked in and I noticed this cute girl sitting at one of the tables with some friends. I mostly noticed her because she was wearing some awesome Teva’s, haha. We went to our table and just went on with our lunch. At the end of our lunch she comes up to us and asked, “Are you guys missionaries?” We tell her yes. Then she asked us what it is that we do. We tell her that we are called to help people strengthen their faith in Christ yada yada and she tells us that she goes to Appalachian State and that she met some missionaries on the bus there and that she was back in town for the summer and that she wanted to learn more! Coolest thing that we were both at that restaurant at 11ish on a Thursday afternoon. We can’t wait to teach her this week!
We went to Sonic to meet up with some young woman and investigators (Happy hour, woot woot) and a girl named Shownna that we had contacted outside of some apartment buildings a month ago showed up! She actually works there and was like, “this is so fun! I wanna meet up with y’all sometime” We told her that we had been texting her, and she said she hadn’t been getting the texts. We then found out we were a number off! So that was a little tender mercy running into her! Coolest thing that we were in the right place at the right time AGAIN.
Earlier in the week we had a dinner with a member. We asked for a referral and she said she didn’t really know anyone but she knew that the missionaries in the past had been teaching a lady and child down the road. After dinner we stopped by to find 2 teenage girls sitting outside on the porch in a swing. One of the girls was just a friend, but the other lived there and told us that she had just moved in a week ago! We started talking to them about Heavenly Father and the girl who lived there, Amelia, just kept saying what great timing we had. After a minute of getting to know them and testifying of gospel truths she invited us to come back on Saturday and teach her and her two other friends! We went back on Saturday and they just loved the message of the Restoration!
We also starting teaching a part member family named the Thompson’s! Oh my goodness I just love them. They are going through a hard time, and the husband is worried he might have a terminal illness but their not sure yet. They want to be sealed and we have committed Sister Thompson to he baptized on June 18th and she is very excited. The Lord is working miracles in their life and really opening up their hearts. We met with them twice and the change from Thursday to Saturday was HUGE! She went from being terrified and angry and very distraught, to more peaceful and hopeful. He has his hand in all of our lives and the lives of our loved ones!
Thank you for your love and support! I know that the Lord has his hand in this work and it is only through him that any of these amazing things happen! I give Him ALL the credit. I’m just grateful that I get to be here to meet all these great people and see this miracles! I love you all so much! Thank you thank you thank you for being a part of my life and a part of this journey.
-Selfies are still a thing
-Duck Donuts are to die for HBD Sister Steenhoek
-Found a grasshopper head in some food. Yummy Yummy13249379_10207891858711712_242996558_n13278022_10207892166519407_1771689155_nimg_2923

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