Exchanges this week happened and they were so much fun! Tuesday-Wednesday I was in Holly Springs with Sister Kelly. She is an amazing Sister! I learned so much from her! Before we exchanged we all met together for lunch and I laid out our plans for the day and in the last hours of the day I had written, ‘Find a Family’ and told Sister Kelly that was our goal for that day. In the evening we had an appointment with a man named Rick and Sister Candland, a member in Holly Springs, was coming out with us to see him! We went to see Rick and he wasn’t home. We had a few different back ups, but while I was trying to decide who we would go see first, we knocked on Rick’s neighbor’s door. We talked to them for a while but they ultimately rejected us. I think this softened Sister Candland’s heart and when we got into the car she told us that she had a friend that she thought we could go see. She takes us to her friend’s house named Valentina, who has 4 kids and 1 grandaughter living with her. At first Valentina said she was really busy, but we promised we would only take 10 minutes of her time. We taught the Plan of Salvation simply and with a little puzzle. They all loved it and thought the 3 kingdoms idea was really neat. We ended up staying for 45 minutes, talking about God and our individual beliefs and after some persistence we got an appointment to go back on Saturday! That went really well too! Heavenly Father answers our prayers and rewards our righteous desires!

On Friday, we had the verrryyyy interesting opportunity to go to church with our investigator, Beverly. (our sweet friend who is just TOO MUCH!!) We made a deal that we would go to her church if she went to ours. We couldn’t remember what church she said she goes to, until we pulled up to the Miracle Temple HOLINESS Pentacostal church. They are known for their screaming and clapping. We got to do some clapping and singing. Every time we have a lesson with Beverly, Sister Steenhoek and I always wish we could record her because she is just so passionate about the Lord and the Gospel, it is just super fun to hear her! So we weren’t too surprised when Beverly got up to preach to the congregation!!!!! She spoke about integrity, and she did such a great job! She truly loves the Lord with all her heart, and it was awesome to learn more from her. She knows the Bible so well!! The end of the service was probably the most interesting part. We got to hear some very different praying than what we were used to, including what some call “speaking in tongues.” The preacher asked if anyone needed prayers and a family went up to the front. He grabbed her head like he was trying to palm a basketball and started yelling and rebuking spirits and started talking in Tongues. The congregation was all into it but Sister S and I were just folding our arms staring, with a confused/worried look I am sure of it.
On an unrelated note, that day happened to be Friday the 13th.
This week was stellar and I had some really great spiritual experiences. But those were some fun ones.
Gotta run! Talk to you next week! LOVE YOU!
Way too much fun on exchanges



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