Melting Pot

Hi y’all! Mother’s Day was so great! Man, I have the best family. Shout out!

We don’t have much time to email today because 1) I dropped a watermelon in Walmart and it splattered every where. We spent some time crouching and laughing it was so funny and also cleaning it up. We put it on the bottom of our cart so we could buy it and it was dripping all the way to the cash register. 2) A wonderful member made us dinner to go because something came up for tonight and it smelled so good on the way home we decided to eat it for lunch. It was a feast. 3) Sister Steenhoek and I got carried away laughing and being ridiculous while eating our feast and an hour later we realized what time it was! 4) Just wrote this all out 😉
This week was just great. We truly were lead to so many amazing people! Holly Springs is a melting pot! We had lunch with an Italian from New York, started teaching a young gal who is 12 from Guatemala, ran into a lady from Turkey that told us she knew we were true christian’s because of the light in our eyes, knocked on the door of a woman who moved from the U.K. 4 weeks ago, met a Ukrainian boy who grew up in an orphanage and 3 years ago was adopted into a family that lives her in Holly Springs, and the list goes on and on!
No matter where we are in the world, or our background, or our circumstance, Heavenly Father is aware. I felt that this week. With everyone we met, even if they didn’t believe that God was in their lives, as we talked I so easily saw His hand. He is in our lives. Every moment. He cares so much!
When teaching our cute 12-year-old Guatamalan this week we were teaching her the basis of the gospel because she has no religious background. We were teaching her that Heavenly Father is the father of our spirits, He knows us! He weeps with us when we are discouraged and sad,  and rejoices with us when we’re happy and doing good. He has a body of flesh and bone – that statement left her a little puzzled, which lead to a series of other questions. When we were answering her questions of where He is if He has a body, etc. The strongest spirit came over me and I was just struck with the reality of this statement. That God has a body of flesh and bone! I have been stating this for almost a year, and until then, it had never sunk into my heart. But now I understand, on a deeper level because the Holy Ghost moved it from my mind and my mouth into my heart.
I know that if we are continually trying, and continually having a ‘firm hope’ in things we believe, that eventually, it will turn into a knowledge. Sometimes it just takes a little more time!
I love this quote and it just makes me feel so much love, and reminds me of the reality of the Father,
“When you.. see our Father, you will see a being with whom you have long been acquainted, and He will receive you into His arms, and you will be ready to fall into His embrace and kiss Him.. You will be so glad and joyful..”
(JD 4:54-55, Acts 20:36-38)
I love you . I love Heavenly Father and am grateful for His hand in my life. I love Jesus Christ and am grateful for his Atoning sacrifice for all of us! I am also just so grateful for my mom and I love her, for implanting that seed in me when I was young, and for helping me feel of God’s love through her love.
-Ward picnic and bubbles at Harris Lake Park.
-NC Sunset

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