Prayers answered and Elder Dube

Can I just tell you that prayer is a real power?

Sister Steenhoek and I tracted into a guy a month ago named Tim! He is a young father, catholic, and we talked with him on the door for 10-15 mintues about the apostasy. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he would read it. WELL we really wanted him to read it so we put his name on our white board we have in our apartment and prayed every day for weeks that he would read it! Guess what? We went back this past week and when we asked about the Book of Mormon he said, “Well I was looking over it, and at first I was a little skeptical.. But as I thought about it more, it just made sense. If Jesus did love everyone, why wouldn’t he visit the people in America?” PRAYER ANSWERED.
2 weeks ago we ran into a guy taking out his trash. His name was Casey. We felt prompted to testify about the Plan of Salvation. Turns out his dad is a Christian preacher and he is trying to find his spirituality again by going to church with his dad, but he said we peaked his interest on the 3 kingdoms. WELL we just really wanted him to know more about the Plan of Salvation and the gospel because we felt really impressed that he needs it at this time. So we do an intense study about the Plan of Salvation in the Bible and just pray that we will be able to teach him about it and that he will be open. Went back, he wasn’t there. (Cool little thing, mid story.. The next day we tracted into a lady who LOVES the bible and believed in pre-earth life and had lost her son.. We got in and taught her the Plan of Salvation through the bible! Heavenly Father was preparing us to meet her! ) We went to check on Casey again, and he said that he talked to his dad and our beliefs just don’t line up. We wouldn’t take no for an answer and just kept testifying on the door. The spirit was there and softened his heart and he let us in and we were able to teach it to him and his girlfriend! PRAYER ANSWERED.
We have an investigator named Mallory who has been investigating the church for a while now. She hasn’t wanted to commit to baptism because of various concerns. WELL Sister Steenhoek and I have been praying fervently for her to set a baptismal date. When we had our lesson with her this last week the spirit was SO strong. We were sitting on a dock at a lake in some rocking chairs because she thought it’d be fun to meet there. There was a huge rain storm and it was just beautiful. ( I really do feel closer to Heavenly Father when surrounded by his beautiful creations ) We were committing her to baptism and she was still hesitant. As we were conversing I just had the biggest prayer in my heart that the spirit would soften hers and that something would click.. Well PRAYER ANSWERED. Mallory was inspired by the spirit and said, “Hmmmm. I guess being baptized would be like telling Heavenly Father that I am ready for more.” After saying that, both Sister S and I testified that it is opening the gate and that it would help her spiritually progress at a more rapid pace because she would have the Holy Ghost with her. She is committed for May 21st! Keep her  in your prayers 🙂
Remember the couple the we found because we got stuck in their yard named Erskin and Nikki? They are moving out of our area.. 😦 BUT Erskin got up and bore his testimony yesterday and it was just the greatest thing ever. He relayed the story about how we found him, and kept calling us ‘angel’s’ haha. He said that he was so excited to be a part of the church and that in the past he had been used to loud churches with singing and clapping, but that he loved coming to our church because of the love that he feels. Not only from Heavenly Father but from all of the congregation. He took about 5 minutes just telling everyone how much he loved them after his testimony. It was awesome!
Our investigator Bianca, who we stalked at the library, came to church and bore her testimony too! She is 17 and claims to be agnostic. Her testimony was great and she shared some personal stories that I am sure moved so many with compassion, because it had me in tears. She said in her testimony that she is still trying to figure things out, but that for the first time in years she has started to pray!
So many blessings!
I am so lucky to get to see Heavenly Father work his magic and be an instrument who He can work through.
Elder Dube of the 70 came and visited North Carolina! He was here to talk with Stake Presidents but took a few hours on Saturday to talk to us missionaries! Not everyone in the mission got to go, but Sister Steenhoek and I did, and I felt so privileged and blessed! He is an amazing man with a strong testimony. He did a role play with an Elder and looked into the eyes of the missionary pretending to be an investigator and said, “I know… That the boy Joseph was a Prophet.” The spirit was so STRONG.
I hope you had a great week and are enjoying the beautiful spring time.
-Us and Mallory at Bass Lake

-Weekly planning is best outside with popcorn

-Elder Christianson (blonde) goodbye photos (getting transferred to speak Madarin Chinese..)

-Matching Holly Spring Hats and Tennis

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