Holy Springs

This week flew by!!

Things that happened this week:
-We had a District activity where the Elders did the ACME Pizza Challenge. The challenge is they had to eat a 14 inch deep dish pizza in an hour! If they did it, they would get it for free, but if they failed they would have to pay for the pizza which was $30 dollars. An hour and $120 dollars later they all failed! It was fun because we got a lot of laughs and leftovers.
-President James wife, Sister James, came and did missionary work with us one night! She came to Holly Springs and took us out to a place called Home Grown Pizza. We were talking about our testimonies. She said, “A testimony is like love. You can feel it but you can’t see it. To make it grow you have to attend to it.” I loved that analogy. We went tracting with her, and before we started she said the most simple, passionate prayer, asking Heavenly Father to let us talk to someone who looked like they were home. The second door we knocked on an older black guy answered and said, “Hi. Come in.” Him and his wife, Brother and Sister Knight, run a little ministry out of their home for friends and family. We taught the Restoration and are going back tomorrow to teach them more. It was awesome
-Brother Hemmingway and Brother Miller visited our mission from Salt Lake! They are both in the missionary department! They are awesome and had so many good things to say. I learned so much, and since that meeting, have seen SO many miracles!
-When tracting Friday night we met an old man that was probably 6 foot and 100 pounds with a cigarette in his hand. He came out on the porch and we started teaching him. When we were teaching him, he said ‘stop’. We asked what he meant, and he said, “Stop it. You are going to make me cry.” We asked if he was feeling happy or sad and he said that he was feeling a funny feeling and really happy. He went on to say that he hadn’t felt happy for 30 years, and that we were ‘doing something to him’. It was so neat to see the Holy Ghost working in him! He wants to come to church 🙂
This week was great for me, and I hope it was for you too! This Gospel makes me SO happy! I find so much joy and hope in living it, and trying to become better. As long as we are trying, Christ will lift us and work miracles in our lives.
-Sister Hanseen

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