Stuck in the mud!

This week was full of love! Mostly love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for allowing us to see so many miracles!

We have been driving a mini van around town because our car was in the shop! (Rolling up in style every where we go.) Well last Monday night we were going to visit a family that Bishop asked us to go see and so we plugged in the address to my GPS and it ended up taking us on this road that was actually a long dirt driveway to this small house surrounded by trees. This street is off the main road but we had never seen it before. So we try turning around in their yard but it had been raining so we totally got stuck in the mud! After about 10 minutes of trying to rock our dodge mini van out of the mud we decide to knock on the house. Erskin and Nikki, a couple with a 1 year old answered the door and we explained to them what had happened. Erskin put on his work stuff and came out and started helping us get out of the mud by putting boards and mats under the car to get traction and all that jazz. After 30 minutes he got us out!  Erskin was just praising the Lord for sending 2 angel’s to them the whole time HE was helping US! We tore up their yard, but they were just grateful for us. They are the most humble people. We ended up sharing a scripture and praying with them. We went back a few times this past week and have been teaching them and they want to be baptized! They are going through a hard time right now, and every time we go over they call us their angel’s and tell us they love the spirit we bring. God is in the details and He answers our prayers! Sister Ostermiller and I fasted specifically to find some more people to teach last fast Sunday. I fasted in faith, knowing that there were humble people in Holly Springs and to be lead to them! And we were!
Quick missionary analogy: The Holy Ghost is like a GPS. He’ll lead us down the correct road, even if we don’t understand why. He’ll warn us if we go off route. He is the ultimate guide, and I am grateful for that precious gift!
We saw a lot of other miracles this week! I was on exchange and it was freezing cold and we were out tracting. It was 8:40pm and we were headed back to the car because we couldn’t feel our feet. Even though I was exhausted I remembered what we said in our prayer before we started, that we would do all that we could do reach our goals and find people to teach. So reminded the Sister I was with of this and we decided that we would stay out until 9pm and that a miracle was going to happen! So the last door we knocked on we met a man named Ansel. He wasn’t too interested but I just felt impressed to ask him if I could share an uplifting scripture with him. So we did and we testified of Jesus Christ. He opened up after that and agreed to read the Book of Mormon and let us back in! It was pretty legit.
This week I have thought a lot about love! Just like there are different levels of love, there are different levels of the Atonement. Love can be used for different things, just like the Atonement can. The Atonement was the ultimate gift and it was out of love! I love the Atonement and that it can not only free us from sin and guilt but it can heal us when we feel lonely or have a broken heart. The Atonement can take any spiritual and mental pain that we have, if we have faith that it will. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I am so grateful that He loved us enough to perform the Atonement for us.
I love you all and I am grateful for your love and support! I hope that you have a good week!
Sister Ostermiller and I!
Raleigh South Zone!

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