Surprises and Wedding Bells!

This one is going to be short and sweet!

WELL THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME. This week was full of love and family! Biological and adopted. After getting permission from my Mission President McKann and Josh surprised me and came down to North Carolina for a visit! And for those of you who don’t know.. McKann and Josh are so cute together. #lovebirds! It was probably the best thing ever, next to John and Phara getting married! The wedding was beautiful, all thanks to the Garner Relief Society! John and Phara’s family weren’t able to attend their wedding so I walked Phara down the aisle and was the photographer. It was so fun! Phara and John just kept saying how grateful they were for us and telling us that we were their family. It is amazing at what can happen IN JUST 1 MONTH.  I love them to death and really do claim them as family. When visiting them last night John said that he would have to interview our future husbands. He then pointed to an imaginary guy and said, “Come here young man.. Now tell me.. What are your intentions?” It was hilarious. Their baptism is scheduled for this Saturday. Keep em’ in your prayers! They are so ready and the gospel has already changed their lives and given them a new light in their eyes. They were BEAMING.

I have the best family and friends! I have the greatest love and support and am eternally grateful for all of you! I thank God for allowing me to be here, making relationships with people that I could have never met if I didn’t come on this mission. #blessed Hahahahaha

The gospel can change anyone’s life if they let it and if they live it. 

I hope that y’all can choose to be happy this week and ‘choose eternal life’. (2 Nephi 2:28)

Sure do love ya!

IMG_2392phara and john


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