Ice, Ice, Baby!

Seriously, I have never seen so much ICE! This week was different and a little crazy!  This weekend we had to cancel almost all of our plans because the roads were so bad. I guess people in North Carolina don’t know how to drive in this weather and so everyone just goes crazy. There was all sorts of precipitation, and then night came and froze everything! Trees and stop light poles just BROKE in half. There was a huge power outage in our area but luckily ours never went out. Some people’s power was out for 3 days. CRAZY SAUCE. Sister P and I are from Utah so we just bundled up and went out and Saturday. Everyone thought we were crazy, but man, it was beautiful. It was an ice wonderland. We met some pretty interesting/neat people that were ‘crazy’ enough to be out while we were. John and Phara’s baptism was cancelled because of the weather, but we rescheduled it for January 30th at 1pm!
Transfer news: Goodbye Garner Hello Holly Springs! I have been to Holly Springs and it is actually in our zone! It is like 20-30 minutes away from Garner so I will be able to go back for John and Phara’s baptism (tender mercy)! My new companion is going to be Sister Ostermiller and she is awesome and only has one transfer left of her mission so I will ‘kill her off’. I’m excited! But the people in Garner have become family so it will be hard to leave. I have made life long friends here! It is such a great place. I have had some pretty fun experiences in Holly Springs on exchanges already and I know I will love the people there just as much.
We have been getting a lot of media referrals and yesterday we contacted a woman named Nicole! She invited us right in and told us of all of her ups and downs that she has been having the last few years and that she is wanting to change. She said she knows that God will help her to do it. She thanked us multiple times for coming and accepted the Book of Mormon right away! We have been lead to SO MANY ELECT people, and I thank Heavenly Father for allowing me to see these miracles! At this point, even if I don’t find any others who immediately accept the gospel, my testimony will never shake or change that His hand is in the lives of all of us and that there are people out there who are prepared for this message!!! Because of this I will never give up trying and I will never let down. What an amazing time it is to be a missionary!
Love y’all! I hope you have an amazing week! Enjoy the beautiful scenery wherever you are.
Sister Hanseen
-When we were confined to stay inside we went over to the Riggleman’s 🙂 (Brother and Sister Riggleman)
-Our church was cancelled on Sunday so we went to the Hilltop Baptist Church with April and her family! (That’s where her family attends church) It was fun. haha

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