Short email this week

Hey y’all! Sorry I ran out of time. But know that I love you and that we had a good week on our bikes! Have a stellar week! Here is a photo of my new companion Sister Ostermiller and one of the best Valentines I have ever received. Shout out to my family. One of […]

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Start where you are!

I started my stay in Holly Springs this week and John and Phara were baptized!!!! Sister Ostermiller and I drove to Garner on Saturday for the baptism. (which is only like 25 minutes away) I gave a talk on Baptism and in preparing for the talk I came across the scripture Ezekiel 36:26-28. Man I […]

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Ice, Ice, Baby!

Seriously, I have never seen so much ICE! This week was different and a little crazy!  This weekend we had to cancel almost all of our plans because the roads were so bad. I guess people in North Carolina don’t know how to drive in this weather and so everyone just goes crazy. There was […]

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Surprises and Wedding Bells!

This one is going to be short and sweet! WELL THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME. This week was full of love and family! Biological and adopted. After getting permission from my Mission President McKann and Josh surprised me and came down to North Carolina for a visit! And for those of you who don’t know.. McKann and Josh are […]

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