Humble Livin’, Keep on Givin’

Plot twist. Guess what y’all? I am staying in GARNER! By the end of this next transfer I will have been in Garner for almost half my mission, 7.5 months! Multiple members said that I couldn’t leave and that they were going to write President to have me stay.. So I think that is what happened šŸ˜‰ But it is actually a tender mercy because I love the people here SO much and April’s baptism got postponed so I will still get to see her enter the waters of baptism, hopefully soon. ALSO Edoardo (the man we found in the Mexican restaurant that is being taught by the Elders) will be getting baptized hopefully this Saturday as well. SO cool beans!


We had our Christmas Zone Conference last Thursday! Michael Fraint spoke to us! He is a recent convert and lives down in Wilmington. He has Cerebral Palsy and an amazing story! Let me tell ya, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing during his talk and I felt very humbled and grateful. I attached that talk so y’all could listen to it or read it. PLEASE DO. It is very inspired and meeting him and hearing his story has changed my life for the better!

We went on exchanges as well! So I got to see Zebulon and Knightdale. It’s so nice to see other areas and how other missionaries do things. I got to meet the Zebulon sister’s investigator, Linda! Linda is 58, lives in a little shed and doesn’tĀ  have much to her name. She has investigated a lot of other churches but has finally found the truth! She is ready for baptism but has a habit of smoking. She is the sweetest lady and sitting with her in her shed, sharing our message was an experience I will never forget. She testified about how the gospel is really all we need! It was very humbling and I was able to have a very spiritual experience and realization. The. Gospel. Is. All. We. Need. We read Alma 36 with her and we were trading off reading and when we go to verse 3 it was Linda’s turn. She read the verse and toward the end she read the words, “..whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day.” She just started crying. Although the shed was chilly the room was filled with immediate warmth at that moment. She looked up and said to us that she knows that she needs to give up her cigaretteā€™s and that she needed to trust God. Faith is a real power, and the Holy Ghost is real! We were able to physically feel the Holy Ghost reside there as we were reading the scriptures together! I can’t explain to you exactly how I feel.. But my heart is filled with warmth and joy every time I think of Linda and that experience and I know that this gospel is true! That the Bible and The Book of Mormon are the Word of God. I know that I would still feel this way even if I found myself in a shed with very few possessions. As long as I have the scriptures and my testimony I will be happy. This mission has changed me. This mission will continue to change me and I will do everything that I can to help other people feel the way that I do.

We got to attend the Hilltop baptist church because April was singing in the choir! Oh boy was that an experience. The church is HUGE and they had super high tech lights and an audio system. It was very entertaining and the choir sounded beautiful, but it was hard to feel the spirit with so much going on. Made me grateful for the simple, humble way that the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints does things.

I am grateful to be here in North Carolina! It has been in the 70’s and has been the most beautiful weather! I do miss the snow, but am enjoying the sunshine while I can. I miss you. I love you. I encourage you to share your testimony of Jesus Christ, and his atonement for us this holiday season. Because in the end, He IS the reason for the season. I hope you have an amazing week! And those of you in Utah, go sledding and make some snow angels for me!!!!

Sister Hanseen

MormonĀ 9:27


-Doesn’t get more southern than this!
-My first garner pals! Elder Perse, Elder Jensen, Hermana Ibarra

-Sister Peterson and I with President and Sister James

-My pals Sister Gropp, Elder Garn, and Elder Mauldin

-Always taking selfies.. Elder Mauldin, Elder Powell just missed the picture and Sister Salakeilu

-Sister Salakeilu and I at a Christmas ornament exchange at El Dorado (Where we found Edoardo). Obviously my favorite Mexican place in Garner because miracles happen there! Including the night we went! We befriended a less active I had never met who’s husband isn’t a member, met a potential investigator, and got a referral. Boo-yah.



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