Sleepovers & Trios

First I just want to say how much I love the Hoaldridge family and how blessed I feel to know them! Baylee was a special girl and was always laughing and cheerful, and popping a rhyme or pulling a dance move. My heart is heavy, but I know she is getting taken care of in Heaven, and that she and her family are being comforted and protected by angels! Keep them in your prayers. Also, keep Brooke’s family in your prayers! I have some of the strongest best friends in the world!!! I am one lucky girl!

THIS WEEK WAS EVERYTHING BUT NORMAL! So Sister Peterson ended up going back down to Fayetteville where she was transferred from for a few days. She left last Tuesday, November 10th and got back this morning! So in the mean time I slept over at the Holt’s house every night! They are the best and that was a lot of fun, but it was super stressful getting exchanges planned out with members on the fly for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I never knew it was so hard to be with someone 24/7 that you weren’t assigned to! The members loved it and each one said, “It’s like I’m a missionary!” Cause I couldn’t leave them, haha. Friday I went on an exchange with some Sisters in the Fuquay-Varina area and on Saturday I went on an exchange with the Sisters in the Holly Springs area! Sunday I was back in Garner so that I could go to church. April came to church and we are still on track for her baptism on November 28th. Edoardo is still on track to get baptized on December 19th and he comes up to me every Sunday and just seems so excited about it! Although the Elders are teaching him we are still good friends!

It was so fun to get to go to other areas and see how the Sisters do things there! Friday with the Fuquay-Varina Sisters we were on bikes and I just couldn’t stop laughing at how funny we probably looked. Three chicks with skirts on bikes with dorky helmets. I loved it! We did some service and talked to some people and did some training for Sister Herring because she is new.
On Saturday I got to play soccer! WOO HOO! In Holly Springs every Saturday from 12-2pm they play sports with investigators and less actives and it was so much fun. It is beautiful weather here in NC right now and I love it! We had some good lessons and they were able to go to a lesson with me in Garner that night as well.
Sunday, Sister Holt and I drove home a less active lady named Bobbie who is coming back to church and is just the best, most REAL person you will ever meet. She was telling us on the way home that she took a taxi to church because she went to find the guy that stole her laptop. She found him and beat him up and got it back and that’s why she was late to church. Some things are just too funny and it’s hard not to laugh even in inappropriate times.
This is all really random information, and a random email because it was such a random week! But it was fun and exhausting and I’m glad to be back to the normal missionary routine. (whatever that is)
Something cool I learned this week:
Live the Gospel and become new creatures in Christ. The more we live the Gospel the more we will change and become ‘new creatures’ through/in Christ. I just loved that saying.
There are 3 things we need to do:
TRUST — 2 Nephi 22:2
LOVE — 1 John 1:19, Deut 6:5
DO HIS WILL — Psalms 143:10, HEB 10:36, 1 John 2:17
We need to trust Heavenly Father. Once we trust Him, we will learn to love Him. After we love and trust Him, we will want to do His Will. Then we will become new creatures, better creatures, more Christ-like creatures.
If you are in need of comfort read these scriptures and know that I love you!
Moses:7:28,29, 32-33, & 37
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