Mexican Restaurant Miracles

So guess what? We went out to lunch with a lady in our ward and talked to our friend named Edoardo, who worked there and invited him to church! And guess who came to church? EDOARDO! We were expecting a lot of people to come, and no one we were expecting showed up but he did! It seems like that happens frequently where we expect certain people, but then other people just show up that we weren’t expecting. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I love it. Edoardo is now a new investigator and is struggling with multiple things and wants to be better and find the right path for him. He is a champ.

We were tracting all day Saturday and we ran into a guy who was working on a car. We were talking about religion and he said that there is so much confusion and so many religions, but he claimed to be baptist. We talked to him for a while longer and then I said, “I have an answer to why there is so much confusion and so many different religions.” He said, “Alright, I’ll listen.” Sister Wilson and I then taught the restoration to him and I felt the spirit so strongly as Sister Wilson was saying the first vision. He told us that what we had just said was an impressive story. But what we said next threw him off guard. We told him that it is a great story, but that he could know it was true for himself and that God would tell him the truthfulness of it through his heart if her read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. We had the Book of Mormon out and he asked if that was the book that Joseph Smith translated and we said yes and he said, “Then give it to me. You’re going to give it to me right?” He said he would read it! I really hope he does. It felt so good to be lead by the spirit and to be out doing the Lord’s work and to meet Carl. Things are moving forward in Garner and I have a lot of optimism for the progress being made here! 

The fall weather is AWESOME! It was a dream riding our bikes down roads surrounded by tall trees in the crisp air. I felt SO happy and content. I love it here.
April is still progressing towards baptism and is going to bring her family with her to church next week! Keep her in your prayers 🙂 Jasmine has been in and out of contact but we’re going to keep trying to keep her. We are going to go teach a very spiritual baptist lady tonight! Keep us in your prayers. Haha lol. Things are going well!
I hope y’all have a great week!

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