Happy Birthday Sister Hanseen!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and goodies! You all are seriously the best and I AM SO BLESSED. So I had a birthday miracle! Remember Charlotte and Mikey? Well we had an appointment with them Tuesday night and we went by at 7pm but they weren’t home. They forgot about our appointment, haha. BUT on our way back out to the car there was a girl outside and we just started talking to her. Her name is Tasha and she works as a barista on the NC State campus and she is the best! We got to know her a little better and introduce the Book of Mormon to her! We went back during the weekend and taught her and her friend Erica and they are both 25, lively ladies, with so much spunk and spirit. You guys! That is 4 investigators in an 8 door apartment building. That place is special. We also met a potential investigator sitting outside and gave him a Book of Mormon too. We have seen so many miracles this past week I just don’t have time to write about them!

Our investigator April was originally going to be baptized this weekend, but we are moving the date back to get her husband and family more comfortable! Which I think is a good idea. The church is centered on families and I think that April’s family will come around! But it is all in the Lord’s timing! April will bring many into the fold! She has such a strong testimony and is ready for baptism. I’m grateful for the thought and consideration she is putting into it. She is re-starting the Book of Mormon, and will be a huge addition to God’s army! I love her.
The worth of souls is great! We have goals and numbers as missionaries, but to me those don’t really matter! Of course it is good to meet your goals and get good numbers but LOVING & SERVING the people where you are called to serve is the most important. And that is what I came here to do! Hopefully along the way I can help others come and enjoy the blessings of living the gospel too!
We get to teach the new member lessons to Leta and Conner and it is always a good time at the Hardy household. This time they dressed Sister Peterson and I up with them! Here is a picture of the kids and Sister Peterson! And another of the beautiful sunset!IMG_2091IMG_2104

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