Gobble Gobble til’ you wobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Did ya gobble til you wobbled? Cause I sure did! On Thanksgiving day we went to a less active members house and made home-made McGriddles! They were great. We went on some visits and then went to the Holt household for Thanksgiving dinner! Yes yes the Holt’s are the best! I am pretty sure they are mentioned at least every other week! Sister Holt is my best friend and is the coolest person. Her oldest son Evan has autism and says the funniest things! (He reminds me and makes me miss Brenner lol) They have this tradition where they go around the table and each person says what they are thankful for. But plot twist, they start with A and do the alphabet and you have to say something you are thankful for that starts with the letter you get. So we went around the table and I got the letter ‘H’. I said I was thankful for the Holt Family. Evan who was sitting next to me then said, “I have the letter ‘I’.. I guess I will say I am thankful for Istanbul. I am not sure why I am thankful for Istanbul.. But if I had the letter ‘H’ I would say I am thankful for Human Reproduction!!” Haha and he was totally serious. We all busted out laughing and as we did, he tried to explain that without out it we wouldn’t be here, and that it is needed for life, etc. After dinner we had a bonfire and they invited their neighbors. We were able to hand out a Book of Mormon and teach a lesson on being thankful through the Book of Mormon. Evan was just saying the funniest things all night. At the fire he picked his nose looked at it, then said, “Are buggers flammable?” Then flicked it in the fire. It was a really fun/funny Thanksgiving, but of course I missed being with all of y’all.

On the more spiritual side of things, I am so grateful for everything that the Lord has blessed me with! Especially my amazing family and friends that have always influenced me to be a better person. Thank you for all of your love and support. Thank you for uplifting and encouraging me! I am so grateful for our loving Heavenly Father who was made a plan for us to live with him again!
This week we were able to get into a lot of homes that we have been trying to get in forever! We are teaching many less active and part member families! Sister Peterson is a bold woman and she is helping me to step outside of my shell and boldly and lovingly share the message of the gospel! We have also been organizing and re-organizing everything! Which is taking a lot of time but I know it will only help us in the end!
We have set a new baptismal date for April for December 12th! Please pray for her! She is so ready! Last Saturday she was supposed to attend a baptism with her family but her arthritis was acting up so she wasn’t able to come. We offered her a Priesthood blessing and after the baptism, went over with Brother Daughenbaugh and his son Corbin who is leaving on his mission in January. The blessing was beautiful and the spirit was so strong in the room. April was emotional and I think Nathan, her husband was able to feel it too. We talked to them afterward and got Nathan’s permission for April’s baptism. Nathan says he is open minded, but wants us to give him references in the Bible that he can study over for himself without anyone else’s interpretations. They both came to church on Sunday!! Nathan was writing down questions and things almost the whole time which is good!
Our English class is so fun and it is one of my favorite parts of the week. We have been trying something different where we teach words, phrases, and pronunciations for the first half and then the second half we split off into small groups and talk. (English only) I was with a man named Miguel and we went over the things we had learned that day and then we just started talking. We were talking about my mission and then he started asking me things like, “You have boyfriends?” I tried to explain that not on my mission. He kept asking me things like if I had a Facebook, my age, all these questions! Guess what?! I am an awkward missionary and didn’t even know what to say or do to handle the situation! Haha. I just tried to change the subject and I asked things like, “What is your favorite food? Where do you work?” SO we started talking about Sea Food! He asked if I could, ‘help English, eat shrimps?’ I was kind of confused, but after a second I realized he was asking if I could help him learn/speak English and go eat shrimps with him. I kinda chuckled and looked around but everyone else was in their own conversation. So I just helped him know how to say it more clearly because I wasn’t sure what to do. I said, “Oh! You could say, ‘Will you help with my English over shrimp?'” SO AWKWARDLY PUT. He said it back okay but he kept saying ‘shrimps’ instead of ‘shrimp’. We ended up going back and forth for a solid minute where I was saying ‘shrimp’ and he was saying ‘shrimps’! Haha he would always add an ‘s’. I ended up just laughing myself to tears and looking at Sister Baird (a lady in our ward that helps with the class) for help and she said that time was up. The funny thing was Miguel was laughing pretty hard too! Ahhh it was fun.. But Saturday we wanted to go to a baptism and had planned on going but we have to have an investigator/non member with us to attend. So we called everyone and finally we decided to call Miguel to come. He came and we actually committed him to come to church and everything too! We will be giving him over to the Spanish Hermanas or Elders.
Well I hope you all have an amazing week! Can you believe it is already December! The best month of the year!? (Besides November) How blessed we are to have this gospel and knowledge of the Savior and His life! Watch this cool new video that the church came out with at christmas.mormon.org

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