Gobble Gobble til’ you wobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Did ya gobble til you wobbled? Cause I sure did! On Thanksgiving day we went to a less active members house and made home-made McGriddles! They were great. We went on some visits and then went to the Holt household for Thanksgiving dinner! Yes yes the Holt’s are the best! I am […]

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Happy Birthday Sister Hanseen!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and goodies! You all are seriously the best and I AM SO BLESSED. So I had a birthday miracle! Remember Charlotte and Mikey? Well we had an appointment with them Tuesday night and we went by at 7pm but they weren’t home. They forgot about our appointment, haha. BUT […]

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Sleepovers & Trios

First I just want to say how much I love the Hoaldridge family and how blessed I feel to know them! Baylee was a special girl and was always laughing and cheerful, and popping a rhyme or pulling a dance move. My heart is heavy, but I know she is getting taken care of in […]

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How many vampires does it take to fix a light bulb? None, vampires like the dark! Time flies when you’re having fun! Looks like I’m about out of email time again, thanks to all the love and support I get! Hope y’all had a fun Halloween! We had a grand time in Garner! We got […]

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Mexican Restaurant Miracles

So guess what? We went out to lunch with a lady in our ward and talked to our friend named Edoardo, who worked there and invited him to church! And guess who came to church? EDOARDO! We were expecting a lot of people to come, and no one we were expecting showed up but he […]

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