Praises go up! Blessings come down!

I don’t know if you remember me telling y’all about my first exchange as a missionary, and how we went to contact a potential investigator and she ended up getting possessed by spirits, talking in tongues and other odd stuff.. But that is where that phrase comes from, “Praises go up! Blessings come down!” It was her and her fiance’s handshake they did and I always randomly think about them, that experience, and that phrase! So although it comes from a kind of wack experience, it is totally relevant for this past week!

This week was tough! But every single time I fell to my knees in gratitude for the things that were working out and the things that I did have, an automatic sense of peace filled my heart! As we praise the Lord, even in our times of trials and stress he can pour out blessings upon us! Even if all that changes in our circumstance/situation is that your heart is filled with peace and comforted..
Here are some things I learned this week:
1 Children laugh an average of 100 times a day and the average adult laughs 12 times a day. I definitely need to laugh more! No wonder children are the happiest.
2 Cat’s tails are autonomic. This was actually super interesting to Sister Wilson and I and we ended up discussing how crazy it would be if humans had tails that were autonomic because then if you were feeling anxious, scared, happy, or any emotion, your tail would move accordingly and you would’t be able to hide your emotions. (Okay I know this is TMI, and y’all are going to think I’m the weirdest of weird, but I’m rolling with it.)
3 Your understanding of the temple comes from the promptings of the spirit in the temple. If you want to understand the temple, you need to attend it regularly and let the spirit guide your experience.
4 Doing Step 4 of the Addiction Recovery Program, “Make a searching and fearless written moral inventory of yourself” will change your life! (I assure you I am not an addict, but made a goal to do every step of the program.)
5 GOD LOVES YOU. Every single one of you reading this. He loves you and all your flaws and weaknesses, and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can, “make weak things become strong” Ether 12:27. Or, we can make our weaknesses becomes strengths. He created you to be exactly who you are. He loves who you are! He weeps with you. He rejoices with you when you have success. We can feel his presence and His love when we seek Him. If you are ever feeling lonely, or completely alone, you have forsaken Him. Because He. Will. Never. Forsake. You.
Last week we were out with a member and had made plans to go see some less actives. We went to one home and they weren’t there. The thought came into my mind to change the plan and go see a less active lady that randomly came to mind. I followed that thought and we went to see her. She actually let us in! (she hasn’t been letting anyone in lately) We sat down and started talking to her and she told us that she had prayed that afternoon for someone/something to comfort her and that we were a direct answer to her prayers. How the Holy Ghost works is Incomprehensible. I’m grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost and I hope y’all would strive to live worthy of it, and listen to the quiet promptings it can give.
Love you more than I can say. I feel your prayers! THANK YOU! Have a beautiful week!
Sister Hanseen
The Holt family’s weird lookin’ chickens.

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