Pig Pickin’

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Yesterday was the ward Pig Pickn’ and it was awesome! There was 3 different kinds of pig, more baked beans, rolls and corn bread than you could imagine! It was at Lake Benson park in Garner and such a good time. A lot of members brought their friends who weren’t members and we had a lot of good conversations with them! We actually set next to a woman named Jenisch and started talking to her. The Brown family in our ward invited them and Her and her husband are in the Army and she has the cutest little kids. We were just getting to know her and she asked about what we do as missionaries and we told her that we ultimately help people come unto Christ and strengthen their relationship with Him. Sister Ibarra gave her a rundown of how we believe in prophets, and modern day revelation and she said that was really cool. She just kept saying how amazing that was, that at such a young age we were doing something bigger than ourselves. She kept saying that she wished she could do something like that, and that she wanted to find her purpose. SO, I kind of just blurted out, “You need to come out with us!” And guess what? She agreed! I told her that it’s a rewarding feeling helping people build that relationship, and to feel the spirit. And although she is Pentecostal, she agreed. We are going to have dinner with her and her family at the Brown’s house them next week! Jenisch told her Sister Brown that she wanted to go out with us but she wanted to learn a little more so she could help. So that’ll be fun. She is a cool lady.
Elder Dube visited our mission! He is so awesome!
We have 6 people attending our English class regularly! 2 men and 4 woman and they are just so awesome. It’s so fun to teach them English. We’re constantly laughing because they start cracking up when they mispronounce words, but they all have improved so much! It’s definitely a highlight of my week every week. One of the women in the class actually enrolled her son in scouts, so he does that while she comes to the class because it is at the same time!
The lesson with April and Nathan went SO GOOD! When we went to the appointment before we could even start our lesson, April said that we needed to teach Nathan the lesson that we taught her the first visit. We retaught The Restoration for Nathan and they should be coming to church this week!  We’re also going to watch Meet the Mormons with them on Saturday at a members home.
Things are looking good in the Garner area! I love it here. We are teaching a few other people and we have seen some amazing progress here in Garner.
I’ll leave you with the most simple, but best scripture.
2 Nephi 2:25
Keep on keeping on,
Sister Hanseen
Sister Ibarra and I at the Pig Pickn'. Brother Wood is behind us :)
Sister Ibarra and I at the Pig Pickn’. Brother Wood is behind us 🙂

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