Man, I have been reading Gabby’s emails and other missionaries and they are just so funny/punny. I’m such a slacker! So here is a joke for today:
What did the mom tomato say her little son tomato while they were on a walk? “Would you please ketchup!”
Shout out to Sarizzle (Sariah Warnick) for entering the MTC and Mdub098 for giving her farewell!
Anyway, this week was just fabulous as all weeks on the mission are! I finally ran into a Southern Baptist that wanted to bash with us. That was cool! She told us to throw the Book of Mormon away and she told us that we needed to go into a quite place and pray to our Lord, Jesus, and ask Him if we are on the right path. When we were finally walking away from her she said something like, “Now you ladies promise me that’ll you’ll go into a quite place and inquire of the Lord! I want to see y’all in Heaven!” I started to laugh as quietly as I could because I was thinking.. “Wait.. That’s what we usually ask people to do!” It was funny the amount of love I felt for her though. As soon as we started talking to her I started praying for charity and by the end I saw her as a child of God. One of the cooler experiences of my mission!
We are teaching a baptist that is super open to our message and is an elect lady, super prepared. Her name is April and last week we taught her and her husband the Plan of Salvation. We are going back tonight! April committed to being baptized, but her husband was a little hesitant, party because we were piecing together the restoration (because he missed the first lesson) while we were teaching the Plan of Salvation. 

We have another appointment with them tonight and I’m looking forward to it!
If you have never seen the LDS video LIFT, watch it right now.
It is an awesome video, and can inspire all who watch it! It will inspire you to have a new view on service!

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