Do you remember? On the 21st day of September!

Who knows that song? Haha, happy 21st of September everyone! Everyone should listen to that song today for me because I can’t! Sorry I missed y’all last week! Happy birthday to my awesome Dad and Jodi last week! You guys are the best!

Some things that have happened:
-All the Sister missionaries in our zone got together and took a self defense class! It was hilarious and awesome. Let’s just say, if anyone tries to attack me, I could take them down. 😉
– 9 people are coming to our English class and we have been doing food after! It’s so fun! Definitely a highlight of my week. I love them! Their so kind and loving and we laugh and make jokes the whole time.
-We watched Meet the Mormons with our investigators April, Nathan and their son at a members house and they really enjoyed it. It’s going to be a slow process with them, but I can see how Heavenly Father has worked miracles in their lives to get them to this point, where they can receive and accept the message of the restored gospel.
-We have been working with a less active couple and have reactivated them in the church! They have been coming consistently and will be getting callings! #godisgood #miraclesdohappen
-We have media referrals, where someone goes online and requests a Bible or Book of Mormon (usually a Bible) and we go and deliver them, always giving them a Book or Mormon along with it. This week we had 4 media referrals for a Bible and with 3/4 of them we got return appointments to teach them more about the Book of Mormon and the restoration!
-Sister Ibarra is getting transferred 😦 She is getting switched over to serve a spanish speaking mission! She will be Hermana Ibarra! She is getting transferred to the Cary Spanish Branch which is actually in our Zone so I will still get to see her all the times at meetings and things 🙂 So I’ll be getting a new companion tomorrow and taking over the area! Should be fun but also I’m kind of nervous. Sister Ibarra has been the best companion/mom/friend and I’m so grateful for all that she has taught me! She’s awesome.
-I gave a talk on ‘Forgive as the Lord forgives you’ on Sunday, September 13th and I think it went really well! I get so nervous to speak in public, but I was more comfortable than I have ever been. I LOVED preparing for this talk! I learned SO much. I think talks are assigned more for the person giving them, than the congregation. In the 12 Steps to Recovery videos that the church came out with, Step 8 is forgiveness. It is awesome! I think everyone should watch all 12 of those videos, but for this topic, watch this one:
I also shared this analogy about a forgiving landlord! Read it if you have time. I think it is a beautifully thought out analogy that explains multiple sides of the atonement.

Suppose I find myself in a home built for me by a very generous landlord. It is a nice home. He encourages me to maintain and improve the home and gives me a number of instructions for making the home a nice place to live.

Over the years I sometimes improve the home, but other times, through my negligence, I make it worse. One time I flood the home when I fail to set the faucets to drip during a freeze. Another time my kitchen catches fire because I fail to turn off a burner on the stove. A couple of times I lose my temper and put my fist through a wall.

In each instance the landlord forgives me and encourages me to pay a little closer attention to my home and to his instructions for making the home a joyful place to live. He does not charge me for the damage caused by my mistakes. Instead, sometimes he is patient while I figure out how to fix things on my own; sometimes he sends someone over to fix the problem; and sometimes I wake up and things are fixed in ways I don’t quite understand.

This same landlord happens to have a son who is quite wayward. The son is always up to no good, and I don’t particularly like or respect him. One night the landlord’s son, as a prank, sets fire to the shed attached to the back of my house. The fire gets out of control, and the entire house burns down. I lose the home. I lose all of my possessions, including some particularly valuable possessions that I can’t replace, such as photos and heirlooms.

I’m angry and distraught. I want the no-good son to pay. I want him to fix things and to make me whole. A part of me knows he can’t really make it better. He may not have the resources to rebuild the house, and, even if he could rebuild the house, he can’t retrieve the photos and heirlooms. And that makes me even angrier.

As I sit in anger, the landlord comes to visit me. He reminds me that he has promised to take care of me. He promises me that he is willing to rebuild my house. In fact, he says that he will do more than that: he will replace my house with a castle and then give me all that he himself has. He says that this might take a while, but he promises it will happen.

“What’s the catch?” I say.

“Here are the conditions,” he says. “First, you need to put your faith in me and trust that I really will build you that castle and restore all that you have lost. Second, you need to continue to work on implementing the instructions I gave you about keeping up your house. Finally, you need to forgive my arsonist son, just as I have forgiven you all these many years.”

-Elder James R. Rasband

I love you all! Good luck to McKann and Josh getting married on Thursday! Love both of you! And happy birthday to McKann and Brenner on Saturday! MUAH!
Sister Hanseen
My best 84-year-old friend, Elva
Tire-Swing Shenanigans


My best 84-year-old friend, Elva

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