Kids and Technology

Okay, I can’t even tell you about kids and technology! I’m blown away. Kids are little genius’. We’re teaching Leta and Connor who are both 9 and they have 3 siblings younger then them. Brooklyn who is 4 years old was taking pictures of Sister Ibarra and I and putting beards on us with this cool app. I’m just amazed because I tried doing it and I couldn’t even figure out how to do it as well as she could. Anyway, Connor and Leta are getting baptized this Saturday! So we are fitting in the last few lessons this week and preparing for that. It’s been amazing to be able to work with them and be around their sweet innocent spirits. I’ll definitely send pictures next week.

This weekend Sister Ibarra and I spent a lot of our time riding our bikes and tracting! We found a lot of solid potentials and will go back this week to meet with them! When we have been talking to people I’ve been practicing having charity for EVERYONE. It has made the biggest difference on how I interact with people, and even how our conversations go. The more I have charity, and see them as Heavenly Father sees them, the easier the message of the Gospel comes up. I think this happens because when I see and feel Heavenly Father’s love for them I know he wants the best for them and that is ultimately through the truths this Gospel brings! After practicing this, I can’t tell you how many hugs from strangers I have gotten! I bet more than those people holding the ‘free hugs’ sign.
I love North Carolina and the people.
This morning we went to the Raleigh Farmer’s Market with our ward mission leader and his family and it was a blast!
Sister Ibarra and I were trying to figure out ways to find people to teach and we decided to do an ‘Invitation Sunday’. They’ve done it in the mission before. This is like an open house Sunday. Where members of the ward invite their friends, family, people in the community or of other faiths to come to our church! And then after the meetings there is like a big potluck. I think it’ll be great! BUT guess who has to talk in sacrament meeting? Me.. Haha. If you didn’t know I am not a fan of public speaking.. But luckily I have about a month to prepare. The topic is , ‘Forgive others as God forgives you’. So if you have any ideas feel free to email me!
Love ya’ll and sending prayers your way!
Bearded Missionaries
You think my Tractor’s Sexy?

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