Hello Lovely People!

This week was a good one in Garner North Carolina! We saw some mighty miracles! The English class is progressing and we are having more people come every week! I teach half of the time and Sister Ibarra teaches the other half. I pick up random Spanish words all the time! The work is going well. There is, of course, always room for growth and we’re always looking onward and upwards. This week we found a couple new investigators and our teaching pool has tripled since I first got here! We found a man named Jimmy in his 20’s and a single mom named Salina with 7 kids who are just the cutest things ever! They’re coming to church with us this Sunday!
Here’s a little cool thing that happened! A woman named Elodia Silva has been inactive for about 5 years and is in our ward. She was inspired to go to her friend’s house last week who is an active member of the church and the Hermana’s just happened to be there. Because she was lead to her friend’s house, she was able to be reminded of when she was taught by the missionaries and feel their spirit. This made her look inward and reassess where her own testimony was. The Hermana’s got her information and passed it on to us. We got in contact with her last week and Sister Ibarra was able to translate and speak with her in Spanish! She told us about her journey of inactivity and about how she is now ready to go back to church with a stronger testimony than the one she had before she left. We’re excited to help reactivate Elodia. She is a special woman. It really is all in the Lord’s timing and hands and this is His work! It was amazing to hear how the Lord was in Elodia’s life the whole time during her inactivity, helping her and guiding her ultimately back to the church where she finds true happiness.
I LOVE THE WARD MEMBERS! They are so amazing! I love the southern accents. I love the southern hospitality. I love the southern food!
There is a less active member named Joyce Lugo who we’ve been working with and now has come to church for a month straight! She has severe scoliosis, but we got a recliner that she sits in at church so she can come! She’s so sweet and is an amazing singer. She is working towards going to the temple to do work for her sister and parents. She made us these nachos and ya’ll need to try them if you ever get the chance.
Joyce’s Nachos
-Cool Ranch Doritos
-Cheddar Cheese
I love ya’ll so very much! I hope you have a good week in Utah! Enjoy the mountains for me!
Peace, Love and Temple Marriage,
Sister Hanseen
Matthew 25:40
There is not one soul that is unworthy of our service and kindess šŸ™‚

Sister Joyce Lugo, making us one of her famous smoothies

Sister Joyce Lugo, making us one of her famous smoothies

Did somebody say Tobacco?
Did somebody say Tobacco?

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