Marriage, True Marriage

CONGRATULATIONS to McKann and Josh for getting engaged this week! Wow I’m so happy for those two cuties!

I spend most of my time reading emails about everyone at home and about that exciting news so I’m about out of time.
But we had our first transfer training meeting this week and district meeting and one of the subjects in both meetings was change. I forgot the minor detail that life at home doesn’t stop changing while I’m here. Haha! It’s crazy because although I’m changing on my mission it’s like my ‘real’ life is paused and everyone’s ‘real’ life is progressing! I’m so grateful for the change I’ve been able to see in myself the past week. I feel like I’ve changed so much in such a short time!  I know that my actions and thoughts have changed because of all the time we spend reading the scriptures, and doing service and all the other good missionary stuff. Change is hard! But, “happy is the person who learns to adapt and love change.” Everyone is constantly learning and changing, and I’m grateful that I’ve been given the chance to learn and change for a year and a half with the Lord on my side helping me share the good news of the gospel.
I forgot which apostle it was, but one of the apostles gave a talk about when he was called as an apostle. He said he was going to ‘ undertake the painful process of shaping himself to the calling. ‘ Instead of shaping the calling to fit himself. That’s what I’m trying to do too – shape myself to to my calling. I’m trying to learn as much as I can so I can be better equipped as a missionary! It’s not always easy, but I am seeing and feeling the blessings as I have been trying to do and be better!
I love y’all!
Sister Hanseen
Sister Daughenbaugh at Pelicans. She’s the greatest and comes on exchanges with us every week.
My companion from the MTC, Sister Spring
The coolest chairs we found while tracting! And we got a return appointment with the family 🙂

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