Hi friends and family!

This week went really well! Sister Ibarra and I are finally seeing the fruits of our labors! We found a few new investigators this week and are excited to teach them! We have extended invitations to the two adopted kids, Connor and Leta that we have teaching that are about 10 years old and they said yes 🙂 They’ll be getting baptized on August 22nd and we are so excited for them! The English class went well last week and we are expected 4+ people to be there this week!
I had some neat experiences this week! We were tracting in the hot sun and decided that after the street we were on we’d be done tracting because it was just too hot. We knocked on a door and a hispanic lady answered who knew no English. But for us that is not a problem because Sister Ibarra is fluent! So she invited us in, gave us some water (tender mercy) and Sister Ibarra and her had some good conversation in Spanish. (She told me it was good convo after because I didn’t understand everything, obviously haha.) She ended up making us salsa to take home, making us dinner and telling us to come back anytime and to visit her at her work to give her back her container she put the salsa in. She said she loves anyone who talks/believes in Christ and is a pretty firm catholic but Sister Ibarra says there is hope there! We run into Hispanics everywhere and Sister Ibarra is always talking with them. I can follow the conversation okay, and can introduce who I am, where I’m from, and a few other things. It’s a work in progress 🙂
I also went on my first exchange this past week in Cary with Sister Salekeilu from Hawaii. She is awesome! We went to a potential investigators house and this lady, Marcia let us in. She was listening to a gospel channel and made us listen to it with her for a solid 15 minutes without talking, so that we could get in tune with the spirit. She was all over the place, dancing, singing. Then she started talking in tongues and a bunch of weird stuff. Then her Fiance came home and she called him a (Tupac looking reject) and then he started preaching to us while she was getting possessed by spirits. It was quite interesting! Haha, I was praying for safety the whole time. When they said they met at a mental facility called Holly Hills we started to try to wrap things up. For dinner we went to a member house and they owned 12 cats and a dog.. We didn’t eat much because there were cats all over the food and cat hair in the food.. But then we visited an older lady that just made my whole day good. We sang Come Come Ye Saints with her in A Capella and I just felt the spirit so strong.
We also had Zone Conference this week and it was amazing.
This morning I got a call from President and Sister James about Grandpa Hanseen passing away. It made me very sad, but also grateful that I have the knowledge that there is a life after this, and of the plan of salvation. I was actually reading about Coping with Adversity in the book ‘Our Search For Happiness’ a few days ago and it said this, “.. by the light of faith, adversity becomes a vehicle for growth and death becomes a doorway from one phase of our eternal existence to another.” I’m so grateful for the plan Heavenly Father made for us so that we can have exceeding joy in this life. It gives me great peace to know that I can see loved ones again and that death is just another step in His plan.
I’m grateful for my family, and that families can be together forever.
I love ya’ll so much.
Sister Hanseen
11248939_1615570855381257_49828995_oAll the sister missionaries in the Apex Zone!
Sister James, Sister Ibarra and I. We love President and Sister James!

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