Can I just say that I love you?

Last week was just swell. It was car week! Yay! Every other week we trade off with the Elders so one we are on bike’s the next week we are in the car. I love riding bikes too, but my bum was sore and it’s a lot easier to get where we need to go in the car. Our area is pretty big! I’m so used to living in Provo where every other block is a ward, but here the whole town of Garner and part or Raleigh are the ward boundaries. 

Last week I got my first real southern meal. One food, two words. Fried Chicken! We went over to the Sain’s house last Monday and did nails and ate some southern food and it was so great. Sister Sain has the sweetest little girl named Evelyn and she has little strawberry blonde curls. She reminded me of the song Far Away by I think Ingrid Michaelson? Anyway, Sister Ibarra and I woke up Tuesday morning and were so sick! We made a pact to only eat one piece of fried chicken if it was ever offered again. Wednesday at zone training I had to give the health and safety thought and I did it on eating healthy and portion control. Later on in the week we had a day where we had a scheduled lunch, less active appointment, then dinner. The less active made us food and pretty much forced us to eat. We were eating all day! It was horrible. our stomach’s hurt the next day again. This whole week we have been whispering to each other “portion control” every meal. We get a kick out of it.
Sister Ibarra and I have been laughing our guts out this week. Some things in missionary work are so awkward and hard we just laugh to ease the pain. She is the best companion. I am learning more and more Spanish every day. We are having our first English class this week! Thursday at 7pm will be when we are teaching that each week. We went around to all the Mexican restaurants and store’s in Garner and put fliers up so I hope a lot of people come!
We only have a few in our teaching pool but have a lot of people to contact this week! I’m eager to teach people and bring them unto Christ! The problem is, everyone already has been saved and is either Baptist, Southern Baptist, Christian or a Presbyterian. It’s very rare for us to find someone who doesn’t claim one of those religions as their own. Southern hospitality is real though. Most everyone is so nice to us and thanks us for the great work we’re doing.
My companion is the best example of service and we have scheduled service activities every week! This week we were painting a bathroom for a ward member and guess who accidentally leaned their head on the freshly painted wall? Me. I would have gotten a picture but I rushed to the sink to get it out as soon as I can. It was grey paint and I thought I’d wait til I naturally go grey instead.
This week I have been learning a lot about the atonement! I love the atonement. Sometimes it’s hard to understand. But as you try to give Christ your burdens, worries, anything that is too hard for you to carry on your own, he willingly takes that for us. If you can, try to use the atonement every day. It will make your days happier and more successful. I’m still working on it but I can tell you that as you do use the atonement every day your relationship with the Savior and Heavenly Father will grow.
Onward and Upward!
Photos: Me on a cool swing, me riding a bike! Don’t ya just love the green???

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