Hi Family and Friends!

I miss you all so much and feel so loved by all the emails in my mailbox today! I guess it’s only week 2 since I left so you haven’t forgotten about me yet ๐Ÿ˜‰
North Carolina is green! Here you don’t ask IF they’re religious, you ask WHAT church they go to. Driving to the mission home we passed 10 different churches all in a row, and ours was at the end haha. (seemed to fit, last the best of all the game right?)
I’m in the Garner Ward right outside of Raleigh. We are 15 minutes away from down town Raleigh and the first day I was here it was so hot and humid. I’ve gotten some emails about my hair.. Yes it is curlier and crazier than ever! My mom ย (aka trainer) is Sister Ibarra and she is the best! She is from Yakima Washington and has been out for 7 months on July 1st. She speaks spanish too so we’re hoping to start an english class for spanish speakers here in Garner so we can meet more of the community, she can speak some spanish, and hopefully find some new investigators! The ward here is awesome. I LOVE EVERYONE!
Here we have been doing a lot of less active work. We have a few investigators and they are so ready for baptism but neither of their husbands are interested in the church. We went tracting the other night and right before we were about to get into the car we saw a woman taking her garbage cans out and so I, (being way to enthuisastic about wanting to find investigators) said we had to go talk to her. So we went over and started talking to this woman. Her name is Chantelle, she is from the Congo, speaks french and has broken english. We were talking to her, sharing a message with her and at the end we asked if we could pray with her. She then had us go into her house with her so we could pray with her family! She called her kids down and we all said a prayer together and got a return appointment! So that is fun. We have met a bunch of potential investigators and are focused on building a relationships so they can soon become investigators and start receiving lessons ๐Ÿ™‚
Last story. Friday my companion and I reenacted the movie Arachnophobia! MY bed is right by the wall and as I was about to get into bed I see these little bug looking things climbing up my wall by my head. As I looked closer I realized they were TINY SPIDERS! I got a paper towel and started crushing every tiny spider that came up from behind my bed. I got Sister Ibarra to move the bed with me and behind the bed was a big momma spider with a bunch of tiny spiders around her. I think she was giving birth right when we found her. So of course we freak out and call the Elders that live close to us, but they wouldn’t come over because the District Leader is afraid of spiders and there are strict rules here between Elders and Sisters. So then we call a ward member who is our friend and she brings us wasp killer stuff. So we end up just spraying the spider and the nest with this wasp killer stuff and luckily I was the greeny and holding the flash light while Sister Ibarra did all the dirty work. So for future reference. Wasp killer does kill spiders too!
It’s been an emotional week! But I feel really really happy! There are some amazing people here. Thanks for all your love and support!
925 Bryan Place A3
Garner, NC 27529
The night we killed a hundred spiders.
The Epps family! We visit and we play games with them!

Elder Zhou, Elder Hawkins, Elder Rothenberger Male trio in our district in the MTC. Hawkins and Rothenberger are going to Charlotte NC and Elder Zhou is going to Tacoma Washington

Me, Sister Spring, Sister Hunt Femal trio in our district in the MTC all of us are in the Raleigh NC mission!

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