We were so excited to get Nyia’s first email home this week! Here it is:

Hey ya’ll! Guess what? I’m in a trio! My companion’s names are Sister Spring and Sister Hunt! They are honestly so great. Sister Spring is from Logan, UT and Sister Hunt is from Mesa, AZ. We’re in one room with 6 beds.. lucky huh? The MTC is another world. I forget I am in Provo most of the time because the schedule is always so busy. Except sometimes I crave Sodalicious and then realize that it is close by. The first day you’re here is an adventure! You get all your stuff and then immediately go to class. It’s awesome how fast you get put to work. The days are long, but rewarding. I have learned more in the MTC these past 5 days about the church than I have in my entire life! (truth) My teachers are Sister Kafu (the most awesome polynesian woman I have met) and Brother Weekes (he’s cool too!)
In my district there is my trio of sister missionaries and 4 sets of Elders. Every Elder in my district is a different personality and it makes class so much fun! Haha, somehow we get along. Elder Wright from Blackfoot Idaho, pulled out a knife and started picking at his fingernails during class the other day because he said he had a ‘hanger thing’ aka hanger nail. He was then doing a roll play with his companion and when his companion turned to him to start talking, he had the knife in his hand and said, “Can we come in and teach you about our message?” and we all started cracking up. This made me question my safety.. Do they not check anyones bags? Hah kind of a scary thought.. But anyway, if you didn’t laugh let me just say, you had to be there.
Alrighty well I’m short on time. I love being here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Write me on dear elder guys! If you get on the website and write me, they print it off and deliver it to me that day! It’s so fun getting letters 🙂 If you do, make sure to put your address so that i can write you one back!
I ship out on Monday! Yaya
Sister Hanseen
The picture with all the people in it is my zone! There are 47 people in my zone
The other one is of my district! We’re the only sister missionaries and we are a trio! (represent)

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