Reporting Wednesday!

Nyia got her call to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission and will be reporting to the Provo MTC this Wednesday, June 10th.

Here you will find her weekly updates as well as pictures and other information about Nyia and her adventures in North Carolina! We’re excited to share this awesome experience with you and Nyia will greatly appreciate your support and prayers.

Enjoy these adorable pictures of [soon-to-be] Sister Nyia Hanseen:

DSC_0011 copyDSC_0092 copyDSC_0109 copyDSC_0121 copyDSC_0155 copyDSC_0160 copy\DSC_0190 copy DSC_0204 copy DSC_0209 copy DSC_0233 copy DSC_0237 copy DSC_0238 copy DSC_0269 copy8x10 DSC_0064 copy


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